Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remodeling made easy

My mom wanted the apartment management to do a quick remodel. And surprised they agreed. They also wanted her to sign a lease guaranteeing she would stay for awhile (good tenants are hard to find) Anyway a little negotiation and every one is happy. They did a good job on remodeling the kitchen, instead of wasting a lot they put new door and drawer fronts on the existing cabinets, same with the bathroom, new conter tops and new vinyl linoleun that looks like ceramic. I negotiated drawer pulls for her, I reminded the manager that mom is a little older and it makes more sense for her to have them, and that I would pay for and install them myself. They went for it! here is a pic of the pulls I installed in the kitchen

They are carriage house style pulls, easy to install and easier on the budget! The whole kitchen (19 pulls) cost under $30. I went with standard pulls for the bathroom
Her bedroom bathroom (Master bath has ceramic pulls)
The Hallway bathroom I put chrome to match fixtures and the pulls on the laundry doors.
The nice thing about adding the pulls is they give a finished look to all the cabinets, as well as are more ergonomic for mom, who doesn't break her french wrapped nails opening them. Great look, easy on the enviorment. You can't lose! I also put together her new dining table, and disassembled her old one figuring I would have to get rid of it for her- and Surprise!- She went next door and the gal who lives next door came in and took the old table. Turned out her dining table was broken and this was the perfect replacement. I chuckled and told mom she just "free-cycled." Hopefully Eva her neighbor can find something to do with her old table as well. Everybody wins in tis situation- the apartment management gets to keep mom as a tenant longer, and they got a remodleled kitchen and bathrooms for their property, mom gets a remodel and a new dining table, her neighbor gets a new dining table. Every one wins!

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Erika Jean said...

It looks nice! Love the counter tops and the pulls make it a more finished look.