Friday, October 2, 2009

Changing Cell Phones

Dude, your cell phone should be in the Smithsonian. That's usually what I hear from folks. "Specially the younger set. I have to admit not being to in tune with the latest electronical do-hickeys, in fact I would put myself just above Electronically Challenged. But it's not my fault- I was just raised under different ethics. I mean why buy a new cell phone (LOL Now instead of "buy" you "upgrade") when the old one works just fine? Maybe if I text messaged more than I do Okay. But now I am told you can get new phones that you can search the interweb thingy, and with all the app's you can use your phone for your TV Remote, a GPS, lojack your pet. Cool.
OK I need an upgrade to my cell phone. But what about my old cell phone? Where does it go from here?
Places to recycle your old cell phones*:
Cell Phones For Soldiers- Recycles your old cell phone (in working order) and gives it to a Soldier overseas to use to phone home; They have drop off points all over the place

Pets Smart Charities/Recycle for life: Recycles your old cell phones and printer cartridges and the money raised goes to Recycling For Pets- a program that recycles the waste out of phones (precious metals et. al.)and raises money for Homeless Pet Charities throughout the US. Mailers are available at all PetsSmart Stores. And here is a list of eligible cell phones and ink cartridges.

Other charities that want your old cell phones: Wireless Recycling, Collective good, Eco-Cell
*source- the Daily

now since I plan to stay with verizon, I have a choice where my old cell phone can go. And hopefully do some good.

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Farmer's Daughter said...

My phone is 7 years old. It works fine, so I just keep using it. Ed's hard on his, so he upgrades more frequently.