Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vending Machines go green

I was perusing the inter-web thingy came across this article in Yahoo Green about how in Switzerland, local farmers are taking their goods to consumers not through Farmers' Markets, but through vending machines. I started thinking about the vending machine at work known to me as The Wheel of Death- it has pre-made hot dogs, burritos, and muffins as well as pork chop sandwiches you get the picture. This machine could be stocked with better choices like fresh fruit, salads, soups and milk. But no not in my "health conscious" company-a company whose goal to go completely tobacco free, then sets up a manufacturing plant in South Carolina, in the heart of tobacco country, (good luck with that BTW)- Anyway I digress. When I went to Junior High, back in the '70's, there was one vending machine in the school- it dispensed apples. You put a quarter in and out came a nice crisp fresh apple! Nice to see this coming back. Of course, I went to high school and then there where candy machines, pop machines etc. etc., no apples! There are advantages to these vending machines as well- the farmer gets another outlet direct to the consumer, the consumer gets fresh farm products, and no middle man! Hopefully this catches on in the US.
Would you support this kind of enterprize?

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