Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekly Challenges Update

Sharon's Independance days challenge:
Planted: Planted basil, planted herbs and catnip, transplanted pepper plants, transplanted pumpkin plant, my cukes got fried waiting for me to get my ass in gear and make new box for them
Prepped: Prepped the soil in my boxes/planters for tomatoes and peppers, made beef jerky from two of three roasts obtained from the Costco, cut a bunch of steaks out of the third and froze them! Put up some dehydrated strawberries.
HARVESTED: strawberries growing in my basket; dandelion greens for a salad
Managed: Got my gardening tools in good working order, found, sorted and cleaned them. repaired door on tool shed (had blown off in wind storm) Better late than never!
Cooked something new: I Made a pea pod salad with peas bought at farmers market.
Work on Local Food Systems: Went to farmers market, bought peas and bread , bought ½ flat of strawberries to dehydrate
Compost something- got some free coffee grounds from the starbucks to mix in my soil, made some new bedding for worm bin
Learned a skill- didn’t learn a new skill, started doing an old one again-started up macramé again, to repair old hanging pots for hanging garden and to repair bags etc.

Chiles peak oil world addiction challenge: failed miserably- had lunch out with a friend on Friday, Not feeling guilty as I feel guilt sucks. Did pretty good otherwise- no bratwurst at the market, no coffee at the starbucks even though I sneak into starbucks to get coffee grounds for my soil!

Crunchy Green goddesses 5 minute shower challenge: still all showers 5 minutes or less, still capturing first two gallons while shower water is warming up

Crunchy chicksters “My ass is melting challenge”- shut the a/c unit off just as warm weather hits

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Help us Ron Popeil your our only hope!

Ron Popiel is my favorite pitchman- he is an inventor who knows how to sell his shit- god knows I have enough of it! I have a SHOWTIME Rotisserie oven- it allows me to cook three roasts at one time! and the dehydrator. As a kid i caught big trout with a pocket fisherman. and my mom chopped veggies with a veg-o-matic. So what with John McCain so generously offering up our money to inventors, I thought why not get Ron involved?
He could obviously invent an electric car that would get us not 40, not 50 not 60 not even 70 miles range but 80 miles range with features in it... open the glove box to reveal the glove box fisherman! Imagine a car that is also a rice steamer and cooks roasts, chickens, small turkeys. But Wait! There's more- open the trunk and it is a JUICER! Imagine homemade orange Juice or tomato Juice or low-cal smoothies!What would you pay for a miracle automobile like this... Not $399. not $299. Not even $199- but an amazing $99.99! But order now We'll add a second ronco-mobile for just shipping and processing! Don't wait! Order now!

Friday, June 27, 2008


My very first giveaway! I am giving away my balls-my seedballs! I bought a product at the NW Flower and Garden show this year called seedballz I have some balls left over and thought... what will I do with my balls? I know- I will give them away! They are cool- they are handrolled by people with disabilities, and they donate 5% from their profit from sales to women in financial need in their community I will have three winners who will receive 2 seedballs- 1 hummingbird and butterfly mix seedball and 1 basil mix seedball. The hummingbird & butterfly mix contains Callistephus chinensis, Pink Centaurea cyanus, Pink Cosmos, Sensation, Cynoglossum, Gypsophila elegans, Iberis umbellata, Lavatera trimestris, Mirabilis jalapa, Nigella persian, Silene armeria, Zinnia elegans, Dahlia and the basil could be Lemon, Thai, Dark Opal, or Large Leaf Italian Basil, each basil ball is different and I have no way of knowing which is which. Be fore warned- the seedballs will come in a plastic ziplock bag!(to prevent moisture) To enter just put your desire to win my balls in the comment section. Contest closes on July 11, 2008, winners will be picked at random. And apartment dwellers- they are great for pots! Good luck to all!

P.S. Make sure your blogger profiles are turned on so I can email the winner to get the necessary info!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of the deadly sins!

Why are the deadly sins the best ones?
Enjoying my first day of slothiness! I didn't do a damn thing but layed around the house. Did separate the three roasts I bought at costco and sliced two into strips for jerky, and the third I cut into 9 steaks and put in the freezer. The slicer is one of the best gifts I have ever received- I can make deli thin slices or slice nice steaks. Sniff- smell my jerky drying?

Keep Yer Cool Challenge

Also got out and watered my plants with liquid gold. The Chickster started a new challenge- no a/c over the summer. I'm game. What's another challenge?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well the day I live for every year is finally here- 1st day of vacation!!! I got my laptop, And I am ready to have a few days off. Not planning on going too much- the only trip planned is my cousins daughter's wedding in Oregon. Probably make some jerky, mow the yard, cut some blackberry canes,clean the garage- Jesus I thought it was a vacation?!?

No Griswold trips here. No ocean liners, no plane trips. No Shit!

Yup. Just me and a lot of time to do work around this old barn.

Now you know why they call me Mr. Excitement.

A little vacation music for you- I had a huge crush on the Go-Go's especially Belinda Carlisle

Monday, June 23, 2008

So Long George



Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here is how I did on the current challenges I am involved in:

Preserved:Dehydrated walla walla sweet onions, dehydrated summer squashfor soups. Made beef Jerky!

Storing: Stored the onions and squash for later. Ate most of the beefjerky!

Prepped:Dehydrated walla walla sweet onions, dehydrated summer squashfor soups. Learned that the dehydrater wants thinly slicedveggies, so got out the mandolin slicer. Worked like a charm!

Harvested something:Harvested some pansy petals to put in a salad! Ijust figured out that edibleflowers should count too

Managed:Cleaned out pantry

Cook Something New:Cooked for the first time, morning star farms soybacon-found out that if you cook it on a plate in the microwafe, use some wax or parchment paper underneath it as it sticks to the plate- of course works out if you want crumbly bacon bits to put on a salad!

Work on Local Food Systems: Found a local bakery

Compost something: did the chickster's pee party and pissed on mycompost pile, put some old bread in my worm bin- nothing is too goodfor my babies!

Learned a skill: Learned how to Dehydrate veggies and fruits! Learnedhow to make Beef Jerky! Oboy oberto! or rather Oh Boy Roberto-98168!

CHILE'S PEAK OIL WORLD CHALLENGE: No restaurants or take out this week! No bratwurst at the farmers market! And I made pizza... the Danish Bakery sells pizza dough so I just formed it out,and then added turkey pepperoni, cheese, and sauce and baked!

THE CHICKADEE'S GOLDEN SHOWERS GARDEN PARTY- Filled my watering can 3times with the 10% solution and fertilized my tomatos, peppers, pansies,huckleberrys and my herbs. Went up to the compost pile and gave it afull strength treatment. Peeing outdoors is so wonderful. My dogs did look at me strangely though (Jealousy)

CHRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS' The Five-Minute Shower Challenge :Still five minutes- combined with the Chickster's peepee challenge- very little flushing going on here!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

All day June 21st,

Ok this has to be the strangest thing I've done since I started Blogging- altough folks 'round here will tell ya it isn't. Think of all that water saved not flushin' the turlet! Think of all that money and energy saved not buying miracle grow! Think of how your neighbors will look at you admiringly. Would Captain Planet do this ??? yes, he would- so unzip and let it flow!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Chelan and Ean

I am so glad Friday is finally here even though I am supposed to work this weekend-
My vacation is coming! I will be off next thursday until Tuesday July 8th! I am attending a car show in Wenatchee on the 27/28th and I am going to Mt.Hood, Oregon to a wedding over the 4th. My cousin's daughter. They are having a green wedding. Supposedly. I appreciate they didn't want gifts as much as gift cards as they live in Scotland for the next couple of years. So economically they can't keep shipping crap people give them to Europe and back to the states. This will allow them to buy what they need, over there and back here. And buying an Amazon gift card is way cool because then a person doesn't need to waste gas going to a store. And I can print them off. The only thing I don't get is why they are getting married at Hood River? The bride is from Olympia, I think the groom is Californian. Oh well. I am carpooling to Hood River with my Aunt, Uncle and Mom. So the carbon footprint shouldn't be that bad. And if I were that concerned instead of a present I would simply buy them a carbon offset for weddings at Terrapass . So I will just relax about it, and go for the trip. Mt. Hood is beautiful this time of year. So I will pack up the lap top and have a grand time! HOTEL

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bakery- I found it!

I finally found a neighborhood bakery in Burien- The Danish Bakery, which has been there all my life, in Olde Burien. It is embarassing to walk in say "Hi! My first visit here..." "When did you move here?" "1962, when I was 2!"
The Danish Bakery in Burien was opened in the old part of Burien in about 1930 by a Danish baker. Johannes Pitzner purchased the Burien Danish Bakery in 1967. Mark Pitzner continued the family tradition in 1977. The Bakery specializes in carefully baked Scandinavian products including Danish pastry, pumpernickel, and various other breads, cookies, and decorated cakes. They serve coffee, espresso drinks, and cold beverages in a small cafe. They also have a fine assortment of hard to find imported Scandinavian goods such as imported jams, cheeses, chocolates, lefse, etc.
Finally fresh baked bread baked in Burien. Which is good. Cause I get tired of beer bread!
So lets see, found a local bakery, went to the farmers market today! Good day!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen

I started the green book with many great expectations. Was this going to be the tell all book on how to solve the worlds problems? Would I suddenly have all the answers to all the questions? Instead it turned out to be another book on what lower your carbon footprint. With celebrity interjections. I now know how Jennifer Aniston takes a shower, or how Will Ferrell likes driving a hybrid. I have trouble with folks like Justin Timberlake telling me how to live, when truthfully, I feel you need to show a bit of example first. Maybe I am compairng everyone to Ed Begley Jr. The Book itself is full of good information, again a lot I didn't know. But "Living like ED" had the same information and I feel I would look to that book for reference first. Do not get me wrong-"The Green Book" is a great book for reference. But it comes up short on experiences. The one Thing I appreciate is giving an example of what would happen if everyone did something,which makes this a bit less preachy For example:
"Get a voice-mail service for your home phone. If all answering machines in U.S. homeswere replaced by voice-mail services,the annual energy savings would total nearly two billion kilowatt hours. The resulting reduction in air pollution would be equivalent to removing 250,000 cars from the road for a year!" or
"Don’t ask for ATM receipts. If everyone in the United States refused their receipts, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long, or enough to circle the equator fifteen times! It strives to give examples of what the total sum would be to every solution. There are 50 pages of web-site references, indexed by product and there is an index for quick reference.Overall I would call this a great "tip book" or cheat sheet for those whom are striving to live a greener life!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Getting ready for crunchy's golden shower garden party

Chile's Peak Oil Addiction Challenge- No restaurants or take out-I was doing Pretty good...even went to the farmers market and didn't have my usual wurst then came Saturday... We ordered a pizza as I spent all day painting trim, doing yard work. But I am back on the horse this week. Just that falling off horses sucks.

Domestic Crunchy Goddess' 5 minute Shower Challenge- Very good- still under 5 minutes every day. Started catching the warm up water in a bucket every shower- saves 2 1/2 gallons everytime for plant watering or flushing my toilet!

and now for something new, I joined

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge: here is the challenge- (I decided to try at least one thing per week) :
Planting- plant something everyweek
Preserving- something different every week
Storing- storing a different supply every week
Prepping- preparing something new every week
Managing- managing (organising) something every week
Cook something new- cook something new every week
Work on local food systems
Compost something
Learn a new skill
The idea is to help educate ourselves toward more self suffiency-
here is how I did this week-
PLANTING- planted the huckleberrie bushes I bought at the famers market
Preserving: Got out the dehydrator I got as a gift years ago, cleaned it up
Storing:See preserving
Learn a new skill: Am going to learn to dehydrate fruits and veggies
Cook comething new: Cooked Game hens following the directions (a new concept in my kitchen!). These would be good to buy and freeze. Can get them relatively cheaply at grocery outlet.
Compost something- added stuff to both my worm bin and my compost bin
Work on local food system- Unavailable at this time
I am surprised how much I did this week!

Stuff Coming Up:
GREEN BEAN DREAMS STILL A BOOKWORM CHALLENGE: Just finished the "Green Book", plan to have my review later this week.

CRUNCHY'S GOLDEN SHOWERS GARDEN PARTY am saving my pee for Saturday and will fertilize everything, once in awhile I go up to the compost pile and pee there too. I should get my neighbors kid to help- I was painting the trim on the house, looked out the corner of my eye and there he was, not a care in the world peeing to his hearts content on his mom's flower bed! Later I spyed him in the back yard watering their lawn. Nice to see them start out so young

Monday, June 16, 2008

Detroit Dreams and NEV's

Phoenix Electric SUT

The Chickster a la crunchy had an interesting post today- and it got me to thinking about my obsession with electric cars. I have been waiting and waiting. Now they tell me wait until 2010. I have a prediction- that the first motor car company that has enough brains to buy out one of the up and coming electric car companies and mass produce a decent range electric car that can do 55+ will be the one company that succeeds in the 2010 decade. GM Had their chance with the EV1 . But I think their sincerity has gone with the wind with their new entry the Volt. But what I feel more than anything is American drivers are going to have to change their mindsets on vehicles. I own 6 vehicles, from my 1967 Vespa to my 1979 MG-B, all get pretty good gas mileage. I belong to a classic car club, Stratocruisers South, and have even served as their president for a couple of years. The folks in the car club, while being the nicest group of people you could ever meet, are extremely short sighted when it comes to alternative fuels/engines. I desperately want to convert my MG to an electric vehicle, the sooner the better. I know the problems- shorter range, people laughing at it. But there are advantages- no noise, no mechanical problems, no oil changes. If Neil Young can convert his 1959 Lincoln into a Hybrid there is no reason why the rest of car enthusiasts couldn't do the same. But folks in the car clubs just sit and think "I am never going to convert." Well, someday bubba you will probably have to. I just think it would be neat to drive around in my baby and just plug in when I am done.
But back to everyday America- driving an electric or "NEV"(neighborhood electric vehicle) would solve most Americans transport needs- A trip to the store, a quick commute to work, Most of Americas driving is within 2 miles of their homes. I know a NEV would be ideal for me to commute to work in. And for a while one of the electric car makers had a solar panel that you could use to charge your car with that was mounted to the roof of the vehicle. So in effect a cost free way to get around. In fact there have been many very interesting inventive ideas brewing around Detroit and other areas. The one that bothers me the most is HYDROGEN. As in BOMB. I keep hearing all this talk about hydrogen fuel cells, and then of course we will need hydrogen fuel cell stations. Something to give Chevron and the rest a job. But what the hell? we need an alternative fuel car- C'mon Detroit. We are rooting for ya!
THE Reva -Bangalore, India
The Kurrent- Designed in Italy and is built in Michigan, USA
The IT car- Delta, BC, Canada
The ZENN car - North america models built in St- Jérôme Canada
Eride- NEV's that look like Hummers~ Princetion MN
Think Car- Snarøya, Norway, THINK North America- Menlo Park, CA
Might-E Truck - work trucks Errington, BC
OKA CAR- Las Vegas NV
ZAP- Santa Rosa, CA
PHOENIXS SUT AND SUV- Ontario California

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yard Munching

Huckleberry Bush

I was at the Burien Farmers Market today,and No I did not have a bratwurst.I found a man there who sells native plants. I wanted to get some blueberry bushes or something interesting. So I bought 2 native huckleberry bushes for my front yard! I love planting edibles in my yard. This should match well with the wild blackberries and my Golden Plum tree.
I remember my parents lake property at Fawn Lake in Shelton and the hundreds of black and red huckleberry bushes there. We had a neighbor that would pick them and make huckleberry pie. I cant wait until they get big enough to supply me with huckleberries. I love supplying my yard with edibles- I now have
2 apple trees(One is the neighbors but I claim any branches growing over the fence!)
1 pear tree
1 Golden Plum tree
2 huckleberry bushes
more than enough blackberry bushes (hate them blackberries)
Before you all write me nasty notes on how good and tasty blackberries are, I will remind you that here in the Pacific Northwest, blackberries are a noxious weed. They grow ferociously, with their nasty thorns. I let a few grow for the berries, but I keep them under a tight watch. I can go down to work to pick black berries. The grow everywhere. Now I just got to plant my tomaters in their boxes and figure out where the pumpkin plants go?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Gots bedonya comrade! We are experiencing cooler than normal weather. It is the middle of June and we have had snow on the mountain passes. The bright side - the A/C has been off since memorial day, and the heater kicked on this morning (I shut it off). I can never remember having to have a jacket in June. Doesn't seem to be bothering any plants or gardens, seems to hasten my plums from ripening, but really I want some summer heat! Could be worse. Back east is experiencing heat waves! Maybe i need to join the polar bear swim club. Just be thankful I am not a bunny- Ms. Chicken has her fangs sharpening! Interesting post on her blog today. Vegans beware of the topic- "Crunchy Plans to see if Thumper has a flavor"I wish I knew how she comes up with these topics. I wish i knew what goes on in her head- Maybe I should be wishing I don't!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Piss on it- Chicky's new challenge, And 5minute Shower Challenge from Domestic Crunchy Goddess!

Golden Showers Garden Party - 6/21/08
Chicky's gone off the deep end this time, asking that we pee on the tomaters on June 21. I guess that gives new meaning to I took a pea in the garden.
While it sounds crazy-kinky-sexy, there is method to the madness. I guess human urine is full of nitrogen, so it makes a natural fertilizer according to Sharon's Casaubon's Book:

"The thing is, one of the scariest elements of the forthcoming energy peak is that we are terrifically dependent on anhydrous ammonia and other artificial nitrogen sources, mostly derived from natural gas, to feed ourselves. If we are to keep eating, we need to find another source of nitrogen. Conveniently, the artificial nitrogens that have been supporting the human populace (in our food) gets recycled through our bodies and comes back out in highly usable form. You just have to dilute it 1-10 to keep it from burning your plants."

Also joined Crunchy Domestic Goddess's 5 minute shower challenge, which is pretty easy 'cause I already take a 5 minute shower. Or as I call it a Sergeant Ermy Scrub Down.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chile's Addiction in a Peak Oil World Challenge Update

My goal was no restaurant food or take out for the month of June. So far, I have to say I have been pretty good. I did buy my bratwurst at the Farmer's Market on Thursday, but other than that nada, zilch, nothing. And no takeout from the grocery stores! Or Starbucks. Or prepackaged frozen anything! This is gonna go the way of Chicky's don't buy anything challenge- Retailers are still stinging from that one! Restaurants will be this months victim!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Giving Planet Green a shot

Okay I will be the first to admit. Planet Green is not that bad. I have to say, In the few hours I have watched the advertisers didn't deluge me with the get green machine yours for $29.99. I must take a raised eyebrow to the borage of Jenny Craig Nutra System commercials I have seen on there. Those companys are not exactly what I would call green- I agree losing weight would be a green concept but all that pre- packaged food on their little black plastic microwaveable trays is not a green concept, not to mention the miles it takes to deliver it. And of course Billy
doesn't shut up about Kaboom! the miracle cleaner or OXY MORON, OXY CLEAN or whatever it is, hey billy- try VINEGAR! Ever heard of it? I did see one advert that caught my attention for a rechargeble electric lawnmower That seemed rather tame.The shows are pretty good- the ones I have seen. But where are the Begleys? I was told there would be Begleys. And Bill Nye. And while Chicky thinks I should be the Dirk Diggler of planet green, I will be the first to admit I was entertained by planet green! The shows were pretty good. I don't get the premise behind Wasted- I mean I understand it- take an enviormentally challenged family, green them up and show how much their carbon footprint reduced and pay them for the changes they make for a 2 week period, but what keeps the folks from changing back to their bad ways as soon as the cameras leave? Wouldn't be better to find a green family and pay them for being green already? And Steve Thomas from This Old HOuse fame shows up with Renovation Nation, which features green building practices. I have to say I like this version of Thomas. I always thought he was such a helpless dork on Old House. That is all I had time to watch. Not as bad as I feared~

Tribute to a legend!!!

Chickiness Crunchiness

A TOAST!(this is where you throw a slice of toast at your computer monitor) Here's to the one and only Crunchy CHicken or as I like to call her Chicky!

Although I have only "known" you a short while I appreciate you showing me the error of my consumeristical ways with the "buy nothing challenge".

I appreciate your wit, your sense of humor and your ability to sniff out the bullshit.

So here's to your insane challenges, your diva cups, and your boob bags/balls and your butter shaker, babe! SALUT!
Visit the Tribute to Crunchy blog and donate to "Goods for Girls" You will feel better. Really!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008


I am seriuosly awaiting the launch of a TV network- Discovery's Planet Green. The all green network.

That's the cool thing about green living being instyle - a person gets to see the fruit of ideas. I know they will be repeating Living with Ed episodes and there will be a new show treehugger, based on the website. And judging by the website for Planet Green some interesting sounding shows. Their launch is set for tomorrow, June 4th.

Of course there are dangers in promoting an "all green channel". First your gotta watchdog their sponsors- are the sponsors really sincere, or are they promoting "buy yourself green" or are they just full of shit?

So far the premise looks good, hopefully the shows will be good also! Of course if the Begleys have signed up that gives me a bit more faith!

I would hope that Josh Foss would get an oppurtunity to host a design show using green design.
Shouldn't be a problem, seeing how he was on design star on a discovery network sister network.

I wish they would let me decide what shows to air. Click here to see where planet green will air.

I was thinking about planet green and thought they need a soap opera! Of course it would have to be a phosphate free, biodegradable soap, but just the thing to break up the monotonous afternoons. Then I thought what if they cast from the green blog world?

They could call it The Blogs of Our Lives and it takes place in Greenblog Valley USA and stars Crunchy Chicken, Green blog Valleys most notorious Rust remover who has secretly been removing the rust on the washing board of Greenpa, mild mannered solar technician, who has been catching the rays of Chile, devout green home economist who has been secretly has been canning DC’s pickles. Not to be outdone, the villainess Green Bean and her evil plan to install satellite cameras disguised asTube Lights in the bathrooms of Arduous, Green Blog Valley’s own femme fatale and part time Watkins saleswoman, and the very much used restroom ofBurbanmom, Greenblog Valleys answer to mother Theresa and purveyor of Hello Kiddle-ee Gupgakes. And that is how the stomach churns on The Blogs of our Lives.

If you were the TV exec at planet green, what would you air???