Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Start the first with a last....

Well here it is another years. This one, bound to be a bit different than others. 2015! THe Year I retire, the year of some changes. The year to let my hair down so to speak.

JANUARY 2015- the 30th will be  my  last day to work for the Boeing Company, and while it has been an emotional filled train ride in this JET factory, it will be one of those "what now?" moments for me. I have never much lived life to a plan, much less one that will derail my income by over half. But, since I feel that after 30 years with one company one should get to do what one wants, I am retiring. Just days away! I will miss al the people I work with and the comraderie,  with it. It is time for me to have ... well time! I will for the first time be able to be home for the pups, which will be a first. And time to do the little things I think about like volunteering for the local animal shelter, and the local arts scene.

So while I am retiring work, I am not retiring life. Not just yet... anyway!