Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spin Art!

Another retirement project I have completed is a spin art machine. I pretty much followed these instructions I found on YouTube.

Anyway I constructed the machine. Then I experimented using different papers. I found that card stock worked best, but standard paper  like the kind used in a printer works fine also. When you get the machine done, the results are something like this:
The only plans I have right now for this is a booth at The B-Town Beat, our local art walk, partnered with ReTreasure, a local store that specializes in Re-purposed art, or rather art that reuses things people throw away. Anyway should be fun for kids of all ages to make an art masterpiece!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Zen and the Art of Peace

One thing I am doing in retirement is making some yard sculptures out of concrete. I call this one Zen and the Art of Peace (Named by my friend Andrea Reay)
Zen an the Art of Peace
I recently donated it to the Discover Burien organization sell at a silent auction to raise funds!