Tuesday, February 16, 2016


What??? I thought I was through with these things. I mean over the years I have taken prt in buy nothing new challenges, freezing my ass off challenges, saving my urine challenges, etc.- Most of these put on by the Crunchy Chicken. But I was perusing my blog the other day and grew reminiscent (and add the fact I am retired now and need a project) for the Independence Day Challenge, put on by Sharon Astyk. It was such a great tool to use to learn more about self sufficiency, and preparing one's self to become more independent. The trouble is it seems to have vanished over the years, so I thought "Rob we need to bring this back". So here it is, The Modern Victory Garden Challenge!
1- Grow your own- means grow your own food be it from a huge multi-acre farm/garden, or a backyard garden or even a few pots. Maybe just some sprouts grown indoors. Just grow something!

2-Repair your own - from a brken shovel handle to rebuilding a tractor, repair it yourself and share

3- Learn something NEW! learning a new technique or something to help your garden grow. Could include but not limited to learning seed starting, recipe to cook something or new way to preserve food

4-Eat It! Share how you eat your homegrown food!

5- PRESERVE IT! Share how you are preserving your home grown food. Could include home cannin freezing or dehydrating

There you have it. Sounds pretty easy? I will post monthly and hope you all will join in!

Rob's Independence Day Posts from the past!