Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally some good news

Burn barrel on the strike line

Machinists in Tentative Deal with Boeing LEts hope this is a good deal and we get back to work soon- I am getting tired of finding things to do!

The Incredible Hulk needs to quit

Sigh- I am getting so tired waiting for this pumpkin to quit doing this imitation of the Hulk- isn't he supposed to quit being green and go orange? I was hoping it will get ripe by thanksgiving... I want to make a pie! Notice the powdery leaf mildew?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Make Do and Mend Challenge Check In -Week 2

Make Do and Mend Challenge: Well week two. And I have been mending things for Christmas. I know it must be Christmas- Like I said to the gal at the hardware store- It must be Halloween- You guys got all the Christmas stuff up! Still working on the siding- almost finished! Every gable I do I find faster and better ways to do this. As for other things I fixed this week- Took a Pig Shaped cutting board my mom had (she actually collects these!) and routed it out to put a clock work in so she can hang it up with the other pig cutting boards in her kitchen, for Christmas, And I reupholstered an old headboard for her for Christmas as well. Fixed the lock on the back door.

Weekly Challenge Check In

Photo of Tomato Chutney
from Mad Tea Party Blog

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 19
Plant something: Nope
Prep something: Made and froze some more pumpkin puree- dehydrated some apple rings. Made some banana chips.
Harvest something: nothing more than a few beans
Manage something: Started putting garage in order
Cook Something New: Tried some Tomato Chutney ( I have of unfounded fear of anything with the name “chutney”) on Millet Bread spread with Cream Cheese to qoute Paris Hilton- “Loves it”- and found a Corn Chowder recipe that I doctored up-
Rob’s Corn Chowder Recipe
1/2 cup diced bacon or ½ cup diced soy bacon
Three garlic cloves- minced
4 medium potatoes, chopped
1/2 medium onion, chopped
2 cups chicken stock or broth
1 can cream-style corn, 2 (12 ounces each) cans or 1 pound, 4 ounce package frozen
1 can regular corn- or 1 package frozen corn
2 teaspoons salt
pepper to taste
2 cups half-and-half or light cream, scalded
Sauté bacon until browned and crisp; add chopped potatoes and onions and garlic. Add stock, corn, and seasonings; cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir in half-and-half; heat through but do not boil. You can substitute regular frozen corn for the cream corn. Serves 4.

Work on Local Food Systems: bought some Honey Crisp apples and bananas from the green grocer
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Sunflower stalks, raked up some leaves: put on compost bin, Gave the worms in worm bin a bad apple, Took a Pig Shaped cutting board my mom had (she collects these and routed it out to put a clock work in so she can hand it up with the other pigs in her kitchen, for Christmas, And I recovered an old headboard for her for Christmas as well. Fixed the lock on the back door.
Learn a skill: Nope

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: The only thing I bought this week (besides groceries) was some more brads to finish the siding project. And my shopping was done local at my neighborhood “green grocer” Duane’s Garden Patch, and I learned that my favorite bread, available at Trader Joe’s is local- thanks to Melinda’s Blog

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE- Just about finished the siding project on the North Gable- Looks good- or at least better than what was there- like gaping holes in the siding thanks to the roofing contractors- Just like Jennifer said in her blog this week “I'm never hiring out work again” of course I will change my mind- but I certainly feel her pain after the roofing contractor left me this job to do!

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALLENGE- LOL! Ran into a bit of trouble this week buying produce- Duane, the produce stand manager looked at me like I was some kind of nut for not putting my produce into little plastic bags! Get over it Duane! I think produce bags are totally stupid!
Remembered my commuter mug and “Kleen Kanteen” every trip this week! Take out once- Pizza, throw boxes in yard waste bin!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Things

Although my mom would say different- I like to try new things!
10-Making jam
9- Canning Pickles
8-Tried Tomato Chutney! I must admit to having unfounded fear of anything with the word Chutney! Don't know why except that I got some chutney once that was awful!
7- Soup- leek soup, Pumpkin Soup, tonight I made Corn Chowder- I have not had homemade corn chowder since my Aunt Tillie made it when I was a little kid
6- Chile's Naner Sandwiches
5- Dandelion Fritters- and yes I like them
4- Made Flavored popcorn
3- Made fruit infused vodka even though I don't drink (made for gifts)
2- bread pudding
1- Crunchy’s Grilled Pumpkin slices with Rosemary and Sea Salt
Plus I try new things all the time Mom!


Was just sitting around last night watching the boob tube, the room was illuminated by my
fake-o'lanterns- the batterie operated led's gave them a spooky look. gave me chills- well that and I was watching Jason lop off heads.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of the things I started this blog for was Ikea Hacking. Inspired was I by the great Ikea Hacker blogsite, I thought I was the only person out there who would peruse the Ikea as-is bin and the store for ideas on “Hacking” Ikea furniture. For those who are wondering what an Ikea hacker or furniture hacker is, I define it as a person who enjoys making changes to a piece of furniture to change it’s use or function to their own desire or need (Original meaning of Hacker- someone who makes furniture with an axe)
Anyway it has been a while since I put up a hack on this blog. So without fanfare, May I announce
As I always say, my “master” bathroom must have been an afterthought when previous owners put this part of the house on in the 90’s- It is tiny- more of a Powder room than a bath- measures 6’ long by about 30” wide, has a huge window and no shower or bath- (soon to be remedied) Anyway a normal vanity took too much room, and there was no storage at all in the bathroom. So I needed to redo this little afterthought.
I have always liked the look of Vessel sinks, but did not like the cost, but I hacked one here from a BLANDA BLANK serving bowl. My buddy at work, Bert, used a knock out to make the hole- 1 ¼ inch, then I mounted it with an 1 ¼ tailpiece kit from Lowes, My counter top is a MOSSBY stainless steel shelf cut down from 46 7/8 " to 24”. Rounding it out is BJÄRNUM shelf supports and an IVAR cabinet(this size may be discontinued 16x12x32- I could not find it on the ikea website)for the vanity-
On the wall, over the commode, I put an Ivar glass door cabinet, which I think is discontinued, I found at the annual employees days “garage sale” at Ikea Seattle, mounted on a LEKSVIK shelf and BJÄRNUM supports, all painted black (I know the leksvik comes in black, but I had this one out in the garage- besides I bought it at the as-is department – it had a huge dent- which is covered by the Ivar cabinet- a little paint and I have a black leksvik shelf)
I also used the BYGEL kitchen storage series , (cutlery rack, wire basket) hung from a BYGEL kitchen rail for small storage on the wall for my razor, toothbrush, etc-

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Stu- and Sammy cat are all about energy conservation.

Here is a pic of the cat and dog resting.

Note Stu the dog put a blanket on. Usually you can find Sammy cat curled up around her mid section and that keeps her warm enough- but today sammy decided the pillow was a better option

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mske Do and Mend Challenge Check In #1

Make Do and Mend Challenge: How did everybody do this week? For me, I started repairing the siding that the roofers damaged during the addition by putting up sheathing, covering with roofers felt, then covering with shingles to match the addition; And I put a new handle on Grandma’s spade- I reused the handle from another spade that I saved; and saved old handle for a fencing project I saw once and want to reproduce; Made a closet pole out of an old broom handle- replaces the one that was either broken or sawed up.
How did everyone else do this week?

Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 18
Plant something: Nothing
Prep something: Baked Sugar Pumpkins and one of my pumpkins I grew and pureed them and froze for pies; Roasted pumpkin seeds!Harvest something: Just some peas, one of my pumpkins- the other two are not ripe yet
Manage something: Painted bathroom vanity; cabinet; Repairing the siding that the roofers damaged during the addition by putting up sheathing, covering with roofers felt, then covering with cedar shingles to match the addition
Cook Something New: Actually- roasting the pumpkins and making and freezing pumpkin puree is new for me; But I feel that would be a cop out, so I made Simple Pumpkin Soup- it is super good!
Work on Local Food Systems: Bought some local sugar pumpkins I found at the green grocer’s
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Reduce, Repair or Compost something: Repairing the siding that the roofers damaged during the addition by putting up sheathing, covering with roofers felt, then covering shingles to match the addition, started a Mend and make do challenge; Re-used an orange Chinese lantern- drew a Jack ‘O Lantern face on it- made into a decoration for Halloween- will keep for future use!
Learn a skill: making and freezing pumpkin puree

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Pretty good this week as I bought nothing except for some wire brads for the nail gun and some cedar shakes for the house. And two sugar pumpkins from the green grocer.

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE: Started working on repairing the siding that the roofing contractor broke off. Removes big hole in the attic.

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALLENGE: I managed to remember my shopping bag everytime I went out- even to Lowes! And I remembered my commuter mug everytime as well. No take out this week at all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Make Do and Mend Challenge

After joining countless challenges, I am ready to host my first one:

Annoucing The Make Do and Mend Challenge, to celebrate that old friend –“Repair”
The challenge is simple, really, instead of throwing out something and adding to the waste stream, try repairing it instead.

This helps out in your other challenges:
Buying Challenges- you are not buying something new
Frugality Challenges- You are saving money buy fixing whatever and not buying new
Waste Reduction Challenges- Should be obvious
Independence Day’s challenge- I am big proponent on adding Repair to the “3R’s” –ReDuce, Re-Use and Recycle
Sustainability Challenges- Nothing more sustainable than Mending something to save from buying new now is there?

It could be something as simple as sewing a button back on a shirt or blouse, or mending holes in your jeans, doing a repair job on your vehicle or bike, sharpening and cleaning your gardening tools for winter, mending a fence, You get the idea- Just FIX something!

Once a week, On Sunday Evenings, I will hold a Make Do and Mend Challenge Check-In- where you can brag about your Repairing Prowess and what you repaired or ask questions on how to repair something-

Nifty little badge to put on your blog:
Anyone who signs up will get their name posted on the sidebar!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The fourth "R" -Repair

In these tough times I once again call upon all good citizens to utilize that fourth "R"-Repair.
That's right folks- I am once again being a radical- The three "R"s are just too convenient for all of us. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse are just fine for getting around day by day, but whatever happened to Repair?
I am a big fan of Mr. (and Ms.) Repair. One of my hobbies is lamps. I have saved a ton of money buying old lamps and making new lamps out of them. Also I hate to buy new clothes when the ones I have are good enough. So I mend the ones I got. Of course it helps that Home-Ec was a requirement for guys when I was in Junior High.

Repairing things helps keep them out of the waste stream. I like this as much as Re-using items.

And it is like having something new! I have kept my very efficient car around for years simply buy repairing things that go out.

And repair can be used for Gift giving too. If you are so enabled offer to repair someones car, or mend some clothing or do some home repair. It will be a most appreciated gift.

Start out small- start by repairing the buttons on a jacket, shirt or sweater. Get a new button at a sewing store if you have none. The best thing to do is keep the button that fell off. Simply sew it back on. This is so easy to do! And it saves you at least 9.99 at Sears for a new shirt! I put at stop at darning socks, since I use the old sock for dusting, cleaning etc. But I could If I had to!

My latest "repair" re-fabbing a tent trailer that has been sitting around here for 2 years. I need to put the body on a new trailer chassis, replace the tent canvass and a few other jobs, The cool thing? This trailer has been around since 1960, can be made as good as new and very little goes into the waste stream, including the waste from making a new trailer.

So let's say I would rather repair something old than buy something new. But then that's me!

A new old challenge!

Time to start freezing your heine's! Crunchy has opened the challenge for 2008. So join in and freeze your assets! This is more than an "Eco" challenge- by lowering your thermostats you are saving money. To qoute Jimmy Carter- "Cold? Put on a sweater".

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Work Work Work- Weekly Chalenges Update

Dig, dig, rake, rake and HOE. Busy little bugger am I
I am getting ready for the winter storms and power outages we always seem to have, from finding new ways to cook without power, and restocking supplies (propane, gasoline)

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 17
Plant something: Nothing
Prep something: Got some emergency weather cooking plans together, Pureed some pumpkins and froze
Harvest something: a few peas a few carrots.
Manage something: Found a Sterno folding stove at the thrift store, put in my emergency kit, built a rocket stove using on old popcorn tin, and some old stove pipe sitting in the garage, Made sure I had candles; checked propane tanks, made sure my mini propane tanks were full as well (I run a catalytic heater with them in no power times, made sure all battery lamps worked, checked battery powered fan on my catalytic heater;Check to make sure I had candles and sterno fuel- since i just bought a sterno stove it came with 4 cans (true confession: I buy a product called "Canned Heat" used for chafing dishes, works as well lasts as long and is cheaper than Sterno- I get it at the Party Universe Store, right here in Burien- am sure it is available in other cities at Party City (Same company)anyway Got 6 cans, Took a WSU Extension Class on composting to learn some tricks I did not know
Cook Something New: Yam Bread, Crunchy’s Grilled Pumpkin slices with Rosemary and Sea Salt
Work on Local Food Systems: Went to the last Farmer's Market of the year
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Let’s see, re-used a popcorn tin, reused some stove pipe making my rocket stove, Made a comforter using an old Ikea quilt cover and some cotton batting I’ve had sitting around for awhile- I stuffed the batting in the quilt cover and sewed it solid with some yarn; Took a WSU King County Extension service Tools for Resourceful Living on composting to learn some tricks I did not know
Learn a skill: Learned how to make a rocket stove, learned how to make a quick quilt; Took a WSU Extension Class on composting to learn some tricks I did not know

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Bought a sterno folding camping stove at the thrift store; bought a lamp there as well; Made a comforter using an old Ikea quilt cover and some cotton batting I’ve had sitting around for awhile- I stuffed the batting in the quilt cover and sewed it solid with some yarn , Got 6 cans of "Canned Heat (Sterno) at Party Universe right here in Burien

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE: Didn’t do much of anything- except put a door sealer strip on a couple of doors that were drafty. I need to put some Great Stuff in these doors behind the moulding as well

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALLENGE: Did very well this week. Went to the last farmers market of the year, and used no plastic bags at all for my purchases- I think the vendors are starting to get the message- I am not the only one who doesn’t see the need to put a peach or apple in a plastic bag, when I bring my own shopping bag- I see many who request No plastic bags. Remembered my Commuter mug every trip out- no disposable mugs used at all! No take out containers either!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rocket Man

Okay- I couldn't hold out- I built a Rocket Stove out of an old Popcorn Tin, some stove pipe and some other things hanging around the house
get a hot fire going using only twigs and some end pieces of cedar shingles from the addition project
The burn box-note the resembulance to the original bat mobile from the tv series? totally unintentional.

The stove out on it's test drive. I decided to see how long it takes to boil 2 cups of water.
Success- the whistle started to blow in about 15 minutes! I see a few improvements to make but I would say it was a success. Next I will try a meal on the rocket stove but first need to find a griddle- wait I have some from the George Foreman! or best to check the thrift shops! Or Could use my cast iron skillet!
I am told you can make a rocket stove out of a large tin, like those shitty popcorn tins everyone seems to think I need at Christmas (like in this case), and instead of stove pipe, you can use tin cans for the chimney and a coffee can for the burn box. Or there is a version made from a coffee can and two tin cans for the burn box. Now I have a use for all those twigs and scrap wood from around the yard and house!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who let the dogs out?- woof woof woof woof woof!

I took this personality quiz- and I am- a Bull dog. I am in good company with Ellen, whoopi and Jack- But W"? WTF? I know he is a dog but I would never think a bull dog! Take the quiz and find out what breed you are! The quiz didn't ask the important questions like When you come up to a dog, do you sniff her/his butt? Or You're horny and the only thing in the room is your master's leg- do you hump it? Hmmm, pretty much things I do now! But it is pretty interesting and a way to waste 5 minutes!
What dog breed are you? I'm a Bulldog! Find out at

Speaking of composting...

My worm guru- Worm-mama now has her worm business up and running, She sells worms and bins, night crawlers and red wigglers, and worm castings. At $35 for a pound of red wigglers may seem a bit steep, but that is with shipping included! Check her site out at I love new local businesses! And I can attest to her worm bins and worms, as my bin is full of new worm babies!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Composting- Growing bettter soil

Tonight I took the third class in the WSU King CountyExtension service Tools for Resourceful Living -Composting

I have composted for some time, but I am always the first to admit I am no expert. This class helps answer questions that we all have. Like How often should I turn my compost? Answer- whenever you find your self wondering if you should turn your compost! Turning frequently allows oxygen to get in and feed the little critters that live in your compost- worms, microbial critters that feed and poop compost.
What kind of compost bin should I buy? Some people choose to go binless, simply building a compost pile in a convenient spot on the ground. Others build bins from materials such as recycled pallets, or two-by-fours and plywood. And, of course, there are many commercial bins on the market. Including Worm Bin's for "vermi-composting". There are no Rat-proof composters, so be careful about putting food wastes in your compost bin. The smell attracts rats, who network very well and soon other rats join in the fun. Make sure your food wastes are covered.
I prefer to use a hierarchy to my composting- 1- the bin, 2- the worm bin and 3- the Yard waste bin that goes to Cedar Grove for composting at their plant. I put greens and browns (Nitrogen and carbon) in the Composter- Greens like squash vines, tomato plants, yard waste. I put food scraps (vegetable, fruit, egg shells) in the worm bin. And finally Major yard waste goes in the Yard Waste bin, As well as food scraps. Luckily, I live in area that allows us to use our Yard Waste bins for food scraps and allows us to put Pizza Boxes, napkins, delivery boxes (non coated) and fast food wraps in it as well. I never compost meat or dairy because 1- I don't have any (leftovers) and 2-That is a sure way to attract rats- we never have any left over meat or bones because we have Topaz ("Spaz" or "Stu" for short), the chocolate wonder-lab who happily eats any leftovers. She even ate an entire turkey,once- carcass and all but that was not done on purpose. I boil turkey carcasses and meat bones for stock, and if the are major bones (Beef bones- knuckle bones-ham hocks) she happily chews on those after I boil the hell out of them. Spike the pug sometimes helps her out but since Binky the Yorkie has no teeth he kinda gets left out. Unless it is bread or something soft- which is not too often, as I don't think breads are good for any of the dogs.
Anyway I digress- composting is easy, whether you do it by Yard Waste or Green bin, Compost bin, Worm Bin or a compost pile- It reduces the amount of garbage you send out. And that is a good thing! Anyone can compost- Apartment dwellers can have a worm bin, or even if you only use the Yard waste or "Green" Bin- you are composting! And mashed sweet potatoes for dinner tonight- lucky for Binky!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cooking in an emergency! My sterno stove

Bring on the windstorms of 2008! I am more prepared for a power outage!
In honor of Verde and her 21 Day Challenge, And rememebring Melinda and her Buy sustainably challenge, I had a great day thrift shopping- I found a lamp with a table attached to it for 5.99, and I found a sterno folding stove for 4.99. The sterno stove was a great find- it was a box set, came with four cans of sterno. Usually, I use my 1970's fondue set in emergencies like power outages, to save on using the generator. I plan on building a solar generator, but until that day, this will work fine.
The thing I like about it is it folds compact for easy storage. Add this to my emergency supplies!

And the four cans of sterno are still good! It came in this cool carrying case too.
While I will still probably use the fondue set to warm up food and such, This stove is a great way to heat water, warm up soup and such. For meat and high heat cooking I use the propane grill, And I can construct a Rocket Stove or make a solar oven to supplement my emergency cooking.
Now I just need to get some gas and some propane! I found the sterno stove at the thrift store for $4.99, and that is much cheaper than I found it online! The best price I found online is at Buffalo Gap Outfitters and that is 6.95 plus 6.95 shipping to my house and that adds up to 13.90! And that doesn't include any sterno fuel! Apparently these have been around for awhile- I have never seen them, not being a back packer or major camper!
Anyway this was a way cool find for me! And I was happier than a pig in shit walking home with my stove in one hand and my lamp in the other!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update

Well the cooler weather is moving in and so my sunflowers have decided to make a debut- Good thing cause they will be good food for the birds in the upcoming months. Also The garlic scapes are making their debut as well in their Earthtainer that I made from two 5 gallon buckets

Sunflowers and garlic scapes
make a debut!

Onto the challenges:

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 16
Plant something: A few Kale seeds in pots.
Prep something: Froze peppers and onions; Froze tomatoes(I didn’t know you could freeze them but found this info from the U of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Service)
Harvest something: A few peas, carrots, tomatoes, fall green beans are getting ready as are the pumpkins!
Manage something: Changed the bedding in the worm bin- Noticed I have worm babies! Made a couple of Mason Bee Houses, Finished in the Guest room/office, Cleaned freezer out and stocked it with game hens that I purchased at Grocery Outlet for a great price
Cook Something New: Note- I am really stretching it on this one- was reviewing Chile’s blog and her Quick and easy recipes and found the “Naner and Bread” in the “Quick Snacks” section so I made a couple of those (My blood sugar dropped suddenly, and I needed a quick snack) But I am counting it as I have never made these before.
Work on Local Food Systems: Attended a Sustainable Burien meeting
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Shredded newspaper to use as bedding for worm bed. Put old worm bed bedding in regular compost. Put pepper plants in compost bin. Trimmed the plum tree and put the leaves and clippings and old zuke and cuke plants in yardwaste bin, repaired lamp that I dumpster dived for; Reused an old lamp and some bottles making booze bottle lamps for Christmas, re-used a booze bottle and made an oil lamp
Learn a skill: Learned how to cut holes in glass- not a real skill, but one I will use again in making more lamps and some other crafty items– helps re-use a bottle! Learned how to make oil lamps from the booze bottles as well

I did buy my lamp parts- but I went to IKEA and got one shade for $1 at the as is bin; (should count the same as buying used), Bought some river pebbles for the same project; bought a shopping bag at the grocery today which is okay- I needed another shopping bag

Insulated the window in my bathroom, This is the only single pane window in the house and will be replaced hopefully next year- trying to figure out why the worlds smallest bathroom has such a huge window (it is on the north side of the house)

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALLENGE Did okay this week- remembered my coffee mug and kleen kanteen every day! No plastic bags- I did forget my non-disposable bag today when I went grocery shopping, but bought a new one, which was okay as I needed another bag

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Margie Gunderson tries with Sarah

Okay, yah- I wasn't gonna get into this debacle about Sarah Palin, but if Margie Gunderson, sherrif from up Brainerd way can, I can, Ya Betcha

Friday, October 3, 2008

Making light!

One of the things I am making for christmas is what I call "Booze Bottle Lamps" The lamps I am showing in this picture are going to be filled with sea shells, the other one with marbles.
I start out by drilling a hole in bottle near the bottom so the cord has somewhere to go. I use a 5/16" glass drilling bit. Then I decide if I am going to put the lamp kit in the cap or go with a cork. Either way I drill a 1/8th inch hole in the bottle cap or the cork. Then I push the cord through the hole in the bottle out the neck. Then I take the 1/8" NP thread nipple and shove through the cork or cap and tighten with nuts. Then the cord goes through the nipple and into a lamp kit. If I am using a lamp shade harp I put that on before the lamp kit, and use the cork- more body for everything to hold onto. once I get the cord through either the cork or bottle cap, the I install the lamp kit. Then I pick out a lampshade- I usually go cheap on this , finding them at thrift stores, the Ikea As-Is section or as shown in the photo, I take an old globe, cut it in half, ad some fringe and I have a great lamp shade for a desk or kids room- you just have to remember to use a CFL or other bulb that stays cool. And you get two lamp shades for every globe! You can leave the labels on the bottle or take them off. When the lamp kit is installed you can fill the bottle with small sea shells, craft marbles, buttons, gravel (Great for light plastic bottles to give them some weight) I plan on doing some beer bottles, for some friends who like that fancy shmancy micro beer. I come from an Old Milwaukee/Pabst Blue Ribbon family myself. Local beer was Rainier or Olympia when I was growing up!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Challenge

Well you knew I would join in- didn't you- Melinda? The only things I must purchase are some electrical parts for some "booze bottle lamps" I am making for Christmas presents. And I reused the cord and lamp works for one from an old lamp I had laying around-I will post a pic later. Anyway time to check out the freecycle pages - who knows- maybe I will find an old lamp there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Actually talking to my neighbors

My Neighborhood
(The "A" is on my garage)

Today I learned a lesson in "Building Community" - I talked to one set of my neighbors- Their dog, Picadilly got out of their fence and came to visit Topaz, the Chocolate Lab at our house affectionately known as "Spaz" or "Stu" (short for stupid). Well after about 20 minutes of Picky energizing with all that Jack Russel enthusiasm, it was time to pick her up and take her home. There her family was working in the back yard amongst some tomatoes that I immediately became enamored of. So we got to talking about the neighbors, the trees in the neighborhood, their garden, my garden and septic tanks(they had to replace theirs a couple of years back).
So in short, I thought about all the things Melinda says about building Community, and I thought to myself- Hmmm community building starts with saying hi to your neighbors! So maybe we should all be less shy and start saying HI! to our neighbors.
When I lived in the mobile home park, oh 10 years ago- it was fairly easy- your neighbors where there, like it or not, and we were a close knit community- but in 10 years here, I don't think I could give you any names of my neighbors. That is sad on my part. So here is to seeing my neighbors and actually conversing with them!