Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japenese Rice and Tea Soup- The Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year 3, weeks 5 & 6
1. Plant something: FINALLY! Started some tomatoes, “Syrian” Summer Squash; pumpkin and peppers in the greenhouse, planted some Camellia Sinensis plants
2. Harvest something: Nada
3. Preserve something: Nada
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Reused Rice from Saturdays dinner in Chazuke.
5. Preparation and Storage: Hydrated 5 gallon bucket of Coco Peat (Coco Noir)
6. Build Community Food Systems: Helped out at the (L)New Futures community garden digging fence posts, putting up gates, spreading woodchips that came from local power company during last years windstorms
7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Reused Rice from Saturdays dinner in Chazuke.
3 c Leftover cooked rice
1 tb White sesame seeds
1 Sheet asakusa nori
1 sl Salt-grilled salmon
2 -(up to)
3 tb Chopped coriander
1/4 ts Wasabi
2 c Very hot; freshly brewed green tea

Chazuke (also called Ocahzuke). The salmon version is called Sake Chasuke (Sake meaning salmon, here, not rice wine). There is also a rice-and-egg porridge called Zosui. Divide the rice among four deep bowls. Dry roast sesame seeds in dry skillet until golden, and crush them coarsely (in a suribachi, or a blender or with a heavy knife) and sprinkle them over the rice. Dry roast the nori by waving it over a gas or electric burner for up to a minute; fold and tear the sheet into 20 small rectangles and place 5 in each bowl of rice. If making sake chazuke, remove skin and bones from the salmon and break it into little chunks; divide it among the 4 bowls. Garnish each bowl with a little coriander and a small dab of wasabe. Pour 1/2 cup of very hot tea over each bowl and serve immediately.

Freeze Your Buns off challenge- Still going strong, still at 55/65. Still have nice temps outside so that of course is helping here

One Small Change- Finished insulating the wall plugs and sockets on the exterior walls. Time to think of next months One small change challenge.

Food waste challenge- Ended this one on an up note. The only food I put in the foodwaste bin was about a cup of beer with some onions in it (Yes I was making bratwurst again- this time the brats where local handmade brats from some friends

NOTE ON THE GORILLA GARDENER CHALLENGE: Not an “official” update, but I found the perfect place to place a planter at my GGC site! There is always time to join in the challenge- it is open enrollment folks!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Name is Earl...

Earl Grey that is! When I got home last night there was a big package from UPS on the stoop. Fan mail from some flounder? Early Birthday present? Nope it was the Russian tea plants I ordered a month or so ago from Raintree Nursery. Camellia Sinensis which is where tea comes from. Younger leaves make green and white tea, mature leaves the Black tea. There are instructions! So get out of bed-Romeo and Sammy we got plantin' to do!
two lazy 'Mules sharing a saccharin moment

So out we went into the east 40 feet, and planted what I hope is my caffeine fix in the future! I planted them in the old corn plot, where I also will plant some chamomile plants. Romeo helped!

What was that?- Squirrel!!!
While we planted, Sammy guarded the laundry basket, with "Puss in Boots" eyes.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ever had one of those days???

Just to let Chile know she is not the only one who gets strange injuries, I gotta tell you all about my day. I got a glass shard in my foot Sunday. Try as I could, I could not get ahold of it to remove it. So Monday I had to call the podiatrist, Hoping for an appointment. They could not get me in until today. So, the regular podiatrist is not in. He is in Mexico taking shoes to the poor, and treating folks down there. Not an un-noble cause. So i get this young pup of a doctor. Looked like he just came out of podiatry school. He took X-Rays, found the shard, and proceeded to cut into my foot and remove it. Very good young doctor, he had me in and out in about an hour. He wrote me two prescriptions. And boy let me tell you, by the time I got to work my foot was killing me. Luckily I took the Ibuprofen 800 Mg. I was feeling pretty good, and got through the night.
One of my jobs at work tonight was to try and replace a washer in a leaky shower valve in the Women's shower. Unfortunately, that particular shower has bad shut offs, so I had to shut the water mains off. We put a sign up on Tuesday that the showers would be closed due to no water. Sure as shit I went in to shut the water off, there were two guys working out. One of them had the nerve to say to me he was sick and tired of maintenance always shutting off the water when he was using the fitness center. Well really I am sorry... sorry we put signs up in the fitness center that said we would shut down the showers for 2 hours and he apparently didn't see them before today. Then this dumb ass has the nerve to say to me "Apparently you don't know who I am ... I am Mr. So and so, And I work very closely with the company CEO." Well I said to him,"Apparently you don't know who I am- I am the guy who knows where the main water valves are and can shut the damn showers down right in the middle of your shower should I see fit. Needless to say I won that argument. Finished the job in less than 1/2 hour. If dumb ass would have spent more time working his tired old poop body out instead of bothering a working guy he would have never known the showers were down. Asshole.

Mom and my uncle celebrating old age.

Oh, BTW while I am ranting and raving, let me take a moment to say Happy Birthday to my Mom.Wow. 78!!! God ain't that old. I would show you what I got for her, but we aren't exchangin presents until Sunday. And I thought that would be a good post for trashy Tuesday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

RIP Topaz

Poor old "Spaz"... she was a good and loyal dog.Topaz came here about 11 years ago. She was Martin's Mom's retired guide dog. You never saw a dog that enjoyed a meal more. She loved food. Be it out of the trash can, pizza box. Never picky. Good friend to all the dogs and cats. These pics were taken by Martin today before he took her in to be put down. 14 years is a long time for any dog, quite long for a lab. Especially a big dog like her. She went peacefully. Say hi to Binky, Spike and Tuffy for me Spaz. I will miss you, baby girl.

SeedBallz Winners

Ok, judging by the vast amount of entries - all 6, I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear who the winners are of the 2010 SeedBallz Giveaway, so here are this years winners:

Comment 2 -DK, who sounds like she could be a Gorilla Gardener (BTW here is the link to make a commuter mug from a mason jar)
Comment 6- The Fashionably late CHILE
Comment 5- CHEAP LIKE ME, whose hope for summer springs eternal

Congratulations to all, and if you didn't win, well there is always next year!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am drawing the winners in the 2010 version of the seed ball giveaway tonight. Odd's are good for a winner- I am giving away 3 packs of Basil SeedBallz this year and as of writing this post there are only 4 folks entered. Click HERE to enter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time Oh Give Me Time

I have here a couple of clocks from some old IKEA mirrors. One had a broken mirror, so I took that out and replaced it with a tile I found at lowes. Drilled a hole through the center with a mason bit. Added a clock work and Instant Clock. The mirrored one I took the mirror out, and with a glass drilling bit, drille a hole through the center and another clock kit and poof - Instant clock for the Vain one in us all- You can look at time and yourself at the same time! Both of these are available in my etsy shop!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think Lady Bird Johnson would approve. After yesterday's post, 4 bushel farmgal, sent me this email:

"Hi Rob,
What a coincidence that you posted about this today
- Yesterday I found the seeds that I bought last fall to
scatter around out here! I've been wanting to do this since I read
about it last summer! (And saw the videos by the fellow in England)
It's not warm enough to plant out here yet (that's in April or

How about a "challenge" this spring to brighten up
everyone's community?"

Shame on you 4 Bushel... don't you know how I am easily co-erced into things?
OK Let’s put civil disobedience on course with the Gorilla Gardener Challenge. In this challenge, I challenge those who read this blog to pick an inconspicuous (or conspicuous) tract of land and bomb the hell out of it with seeds. Be it a vacant building lot, parking or sidewalk strip, turn-about what ever. Pick a strip of land and make it pretty, Seed bombs are easy to make, from simple water balloon type bombs to clay bombs or “seed balls, or just spread some seeds. In effect take a deserted lot and plant something, then come back here to report on their shenanigans.
I will do a monthly update on my and your progress. So make those seed bombs and join me in a little civil unrest guerilla garden style.

And just so you think I don't participate I have chosen the old B/IAS site, now abandoned for my project!
It can be fun to be divisive, or down right sneaky and to hear comments about your efforts
Sources for Guerrilla Gardening:

Guerrilla Gardening. Org
Good source for seed bomb info and instructions


A 12 step Guide to Subversive Guerrilla Gardening

How to Guerrilla Garden in 5 Fun Steps

I, Rob Johnson, do not accept the responsibility of the actions of others, Nor am I suggesting or condoning civil disobedience on a grand scale. I’m just saying plant something where there is nothing for chrissakes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What A Day!

We are experiencing very nice spring like weather here in the normally gray, cloudy Northwest. Pretty busy day today- First, I went and help the gardeners at New Futures @ the Heights in Burien establish their new community garden, as part of the crew at Sustainable Burien. It is neat to see the residents of this mostly Latin community take and interest in growing their own. We were putting in fence posts around the garden with wire to allow berry bushes to grow up on. I wish I had pictures, I took pics with My cell phone, but like the idiot I can be forgot to save them to my phone. Then later in the day, I attended a party given by the B/IAS folks, at the Burien Press as a thank you to all who were involved which included Community Gardeners from Sustainable Burien. The bad part was I ate three pieces of Diabetic candy before attending and had a bout with IBS. That candy tastes good, but does a number on the human waste system! But I made it through!

And in my little radical way, I parked by the old B/IAS spot and spread a bunch of seed bombs. Guerrilla Gardening can be so exhilarating! More on that later, And I finally got some seeds started at home. Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes, Tumblers, "Syrian" Summer Squash, pumpkins and sweet peppers are now in the green house awaiting launch.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Mardi Gras must make Beth at Fake Plastic Fish Cry- all those plastic beads. They use to be made out of glass in the 20's and 30's. But cheap won out, and now they are made of plastic. And to earn beads you normally have to do something: for girls- show your ta-tas. And guys show their "junk" to earn beads.(Gives the expression "junk art" new meaning now, doesn't it)?
Well I have never been to Mardi gras. Here in Seattle we celebrate "Fat Tuesday". And I have earned beads.(Blush). Ever wonder what to do if you get loaded with Mardi Gras Beads? First, I would question your love of exposing your naughty parts so much. Then you could make a lamp like this guy did. Or you could make a dog. Over at FED Ex's Out Of Office Blog, Sonya Thorpe uses them for wrapping presents. Or get out your hot glue gun and decorate an old frame with your beads.
You can make a bead curtain. It's a great way to use your beads on windows or doorways. You can also use them to create valances or visual affects for the windows and doorways or as curtain tiebacks. Choose beads that will compliment the d├ęcor, which shouldn't be a challenge considering the wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that most people get at a mardi gras festival. Or create a mosaic or simply use them to embellish ordinary things, from clothes to chairs, or even ironing boards. It's amazing what a thousand or so beads, hot glue, and a lot of patience can accomplish.
Just be careful on earning those beads. You never know who has a digi cam ready to show your "ta-tas" or your "junk" on the interwebs!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready to plant!!!

I am so ready to get started in the greenhouse. Yesterday I had to fix a small mishap, (the green house, which is basically a glorified tent, blew over- so I put the stakes in.
Well- long story short- the floor is in- I was going to use wood chips for a floor, with cardboard underneath, rather than gravel, in case I have to move the green house or something, The wood Chips would do much less damage to my mowers, I figure. But instead I decided to use Rubber Playground Mulch, Made from recycled tires. Less hassle and does not attract insects. I would hate to have to hatch my praying mantises in the green house!
I also ordered some seeds from, a company I have dealt with before and had some success with their seeds. I chose Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe, to try my hand at cantaloupes, considering I had success with the worlds smallest watermelons last year, I decided to go with a purposely small melon this year, designed for container gardening. Also got some ground cherries, Aunt Molly's, and some tomatoes.
Red Robin Tomato
I went with Tumbler, a fun tomato to put in hanging baskets, Window Box Romas- which did well in a shallow planter for me last year, and Red Robin which had to be the most prolific little cherry tomato I have ever grown! I got Red Robin seeds to start a plant or two for my mom, as they are supposed to grow wonderfully indoors, her kitchen window being one of the only places that gets a decent amount of sunshine!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Charge It!!!

I must tell you I love my new cell phone. It holds a charge like forever. The only problem is when I charge it I lose it. After making charging stands for every one but me at Christmas, I decided it was my turn-First I found a decent style wooden box at the thrift store, then I sanded it and painted it sage green, (wish I had taken a before pic).

I drilled a hole big enough for the charger plug to go through.

I plugged it in to a power strip that is easily turned off when not charging or running the lap top. A charging stand for my cell phone. Too easy and great. And it holds pencils and pens!

While you are visiting enter my giveaway to win a package of Basil Mix Seed Balls

Monday, February 15, 2010

OH BALLS! The Annual SeedBallz Giveaway

That time of year again.Spring is right around the corner. The vultures may come back to Hinkley, Ohio; the swallows may come back to Capistrano, but around here I give away my balls! Announcing that Rob's World SeedBallz Give Away, (AKA) Win Rob's Balls! This year I have three packages of Basil Mix Seed Balls to give away (three winners)- Just in time for spring! The seed ballz are loaded with Lemon, Thai, Dark Opal, and Large Leaf Italian Basils for you to plant and enjoy. The usual rules apply- Leave a comment to this post, leave contact info in your comment (Bloggers- if you have contact info in your profile that works too!) Winners will be picked at random at Midnight on Wednesday, February 24th. Good luck to all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Easy Up? Greenhouses and cooking school- The Weekly Challenge Update

Putting up the Greenhouse Well it finally got nice enough outside (read No Rain!) to put up my green house, from Easy "Pop Up Assembly" my ass, although it wasn't that hard to set up after you figure out the instructions, which I did glance at - last night. Instructions??? I don't need no stinkin' instructions. It went up like IKEA furniture, whose instruction sheets are a language all their own. Now to decide where to put the shelves. The Shelves? I am going to reuse some shelving in the scooter shed. And I need to find some big squares of cardboard to put down as a floor. Then gravel over it. And hopefully this week start some seeds!Also this week I signed up for a class on cooking borscht two ways (I love borscht- and this would also allow me to learn to make it- new use for beets. And I will find out if you can freeze it as well though I don't see why not)
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge: Year 3, week 5

1. Plant something: Nope

2. Harvest something: Sprouts

3. Preserve something: Saved some bread for bread pudding

4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Going to reuse some shelving in the "Scooter shed" in the greenhouse!

5. Preparation and Storage: Set up the greenhouse.

6. Build Community Food Systems: Signed up for a class on cooking Borscht!

7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Pickles, Pickled onions, pickled tomatoes
Freeze Your Buns off challenge- No changes this week.

One Small Change- Started sealing the outlets and Light switches on the exterior walls-

Food waste reduction challenge- No changes- ate some pizza the next day for lunch at work, Find that I think ahead before cooking supper- as in "What can I make that I can eat leftovers the next day" type of thing.

The Growing Challenge (Extreme Evangelist Edition)
- Set up my greenhouse… now to start those seeds!

Almost Homemade Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Well around here there are plants and sweets to give. For my Mom, I got an assortment of Herbs in a pot, and I put together a jar of Sugar Free chocolates. (It is not easy to find Diabetic Chocolates and candy ever since Boehm's shut their doors in Burien). Mom likes these chocolates- they are her favorites. For Martin, a plant and a jar of Peanut butter Hugs.(a variation on Peanut Butter Kisses, a Christmas cookie I make. I use hugs for this as Martin hates Hershey's Chocolate (Commie), but likes white chocolate

PEANUT BUTTER HUGS(Featuring the World's Easiest Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe)

1 cup of peanut butter

1 egg

1 cup of sugar

24 or so Hershey's Hugs (Usually found with the kisses)

Preheat the oven to 350- Mix the peanut butter, egg and sugar (and yes, there is no flour in this) Roll out into 1/2" to 1" balls. Place on a cookie sheet I put a sheet of Parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Bake for 7 - 10 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the Oven. Place a "HUGS" on each cookie- let cool.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Size Me- A film of Epic Portions

Been a while since I did a film review, but also been awhile since I saw a good film. (Documentary that is… District 9 is an excellent flick)
I have to admit, I had some hesitation when I first got this film from the library. I mean to say, I enjoy an occasional burger at MacDonalds. While watching this movie, I was relieved to find out I was in the minority of not ordering super sized meals. My usual order is a regular burger and a cup of coffee. That being said, I totally enjoyed this movie. It is eye opening to see what the fast food companies do to make those sales. And it was fun interesting to watch what happened to the filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, who ate only MacDonalds 3 times a day for 30 days, much to the chagrin of his Vegan Chef Girlfriend. His health deteriorated immensely, and as the month wore on, the film showed at what lengths, Fast food and Food companies in general will go to keep selling product. At times I thought wow this is just what a drug dealer does- get them young and keep them coming back. Hey it worked for tobacco. A point not lost in this film. Often entertaining and at times Quite humorous, I give “Supersize Me” three out of four green thumbs.

Supersize Me available to view on Hulu

Friday, February 12, 2010

How I make coffee and (save a bit of energy)

I have quit using my coffee pots (the one at work and the one at home) I used to make a pot of coffee, put it in a thermal carafe and that was it. I did that because That warming burner on a coffee pot is a energy hog. Now, I use two methods of making coffee. The more usual is I use a Black and Decker "Brew N' Go" coffee maker. A simply great little unit that makes a single cup of coffee. I like it because Muggsly fits in it, There are no filters invovled (the unit has a permanent filter) and each cup is freshly made. I use about the same amount of coffee per cup as I did in the regular coffee makers. And the best thing the unit shuts itself off when the coffee is made! I like it so much I bought one for the house. So I unplugged the Large Cuisinart computerized coffee maker with it's vampire sucking timer.

No. In the few times I need more than one cup of coffee, I also use a french press. Here the advantage is 1- I can make 4 cups of coffee, 2-No filter (The french press IS The filter) 3- I can make coffee in even in a power outage ( I have an outside grill, a "jet stove", a chimenea- all ways to boil water!). I might try 4 Bushel Farms Farmgal's "cold brewed coffee" in the near future, but after it is done, I would use the french press to strain it.

What's the poop?

Ever wonder what happens to all that poop at the zoo??? Well, here's what happens to it at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo:

Some interesting facts about "Zoo Doo":
1- Zoo Doo is made from the manures of 26 different non-primate herbivores

2- Number of pounds an elephant poops each day: 80

3- Zoo Doo produced annual: 409,100 pounds (900 cubic yards)

Otter love

This is TOO cute. The wild river otters at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle get their Valentine's Day treats

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's your Swede Furniture Name?

Everyone knows I have a thing for Ikea. Now there is a site, the Blogadilla, that will give you a Swedish name for your furniture. Is a big time killer at work, worth a couple of seconds.

So, whats your Swedish Furniture Name?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Blog-Iversary Musings and ramblings

Well lets see. Today (Wednesday February 10) Marks 2 years here on Blogger. This blog or rather the pre-cursor is two years old. The pre-cursor? The original blog was found at tripod. Here is the URL. You can see my style has not changed much. I am getting better about spell check. But the theme is pretty much still the same. Tidbits of my boring life, hoping someone may find something I say or do interesting or useful. Originally I started a blog to show off my Ikea hacks. But since then I have delved into greening up my life, DIY, junk art, gardening. Blah Blah. I have found over the past two years that there is a great community of like minded people out there. We may not always agree politically or philosophically, but we read each other well. Some of the first friends I have made in the blogging world have come and gone (Burbon Mom, Verde,Pirate Farmer, Where are you???) And that’s okay. That is life. People are going to come in and out of your life all the time, and leave for a variety of reasons. (I learned that in AA) That’s part of the circle of life.

In two years you have watched me go through the circle of life with relatives, my pets (Tuffy, Binky, Spike) and have always been there, with your kind comments and thoughts. And it does not go unappreciated. You have gotten me to pee on my garden, freeze my ass off, garden to the point of worrying about rain, sun, wind and aphids. LOL. And you have pushed me to using a green house. To start plants. And you give me a place to occasionally mouth off and show disrespect to our elected officials. That I do willingly! (I just can't keep my trap shut)

Anyway, here we start our third year journey on the good ship Rob's World. Hopefully it will sail smooth.
And remember Life IS a bed of roses, just watch out for the pricks!

Ain't it the truth?

Aint it the truth?
funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Final Bloggiversary Giveaway Winner... Number 2 Cheap Vegetable Gardner! Will be waiting to see what he gets with the Lowes Gift Card! Thanks to all who entered my blog-iversary giveaways. I wish I could give you all a prize. It has been an incredible 2 years, hopefully many more to come.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let there be Light

Can you tell there is a CFL in the lamp?
The cord (I even used a grommet and an out door rated plug!)

And on the first day, Rob saw it was dark (Out on the patio) And so he took the old porch light from the old front door before the home addition, and wired it like a lamp Plugged it inand all of a sudden there was light. Rob could see and it was good.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Greenhouses and fake peat- The Weekly Challenge Update

1. Plant something: Nope

2. Harvest something: Nada

3. Preserve something: Made a big pot of Curried Carrot soup and froze 2 quarts.

4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Got some great Ideas on re-using things at the NW F&G show; Reused an outdoor light fixture from the house before the addition; Chopped up branches for the compost bin for garbage pick up

5. Preparation and Storage: Ordered a greenhouse to start plants in. Have wanted one for years; got a big bale of Coco Noir (Beats Peat) at a local nursery to use instead of peat moss to start plants and use in Hypertufa

6. Build Community Food Systems: Can’t say I did anything

7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Some carrots and onions in more Curried Carrot Soup; ate some pickles
Freeze Your Buns off challenge- Not so bad as the temps here have been above normal, in fact I am thinking it is early spring - hoping the fruit trees do not agree

One Small Change- Started sealing the outlets and Light switches on the exterior walls-

Food waste challenge- started off pretty good. I was able to get rid of some beer been here since my birthday almost a year ago after reading Red Icculus blog and he had made some brats in beer with onion. Then I went further and made some Curried Carrot and Apple soup, and used the leftover beer/onion mixture in that.
The Growing Challenge (Extreme Evangelist Edition): Ordered a greenhouse to start my plants in, Obtained a big amount of Coco "Peat" (Coco Noir) , contemplating Contcting the school down the street about having the third grade enter Bonnie Plants Annual Third Grade Cabbage Growing Program

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One more thing!

I just had to show you all one more thing from the Garden show:
This box trellis at the entrance of the NW Flower and Garden show was one of my fave things. A good use for all those worn out yard tools,
Okay a couple of things: I picked up this little Sax Playing frog to keep Doug the fiddler player company. I keep it up, someday I will have a complete Frog Band.:

Friday, February 5, 2010

NW Flower and Garden Show 2010

This year, I took the light rail to Westlake Mall and walked from there to the Convention Center in Seattle. Great invention that Light Rail!
The annual NW Flower and Garden show was the best ever! There was an subliminally apparent theme of Urban Farming, I counted 4 displays that used the theme from the exotic to Humorous. There was some worry that the show, now being run by O'Loughlin Trade Shows after all the years the Kelly family had run it, would be more commercial than past shows, but I didn't notice that. If anything the vendors were better than before, I saw a lot of "Re-Use" artist represented, as well as a lot of old favorites. And the Exhibitors well very good this year. The only down side was I missed my friends Beth and Lisa's seminar this year!
As usual, I found a lot of inspiration, like this arbor with a gate/door

As I said there were a lot of Urban Farms depicted in this years show!

Who wouldn't want an old truck parked on their neighbors yard as a raised garden and doubling as a hen house? This actually gives me ideas for the trailer project I need to get started on!

ABOVE:Interesting use of the passenger window to remove eggs
BELOW:Lot's of reuse like this planter made from Bottles and Hypertufa:
Many of this years vendors were reuse artists:
Seattle Tilth showed what is possible with their Gold Medal winning Urban Farms display
this goat seems to think All you people can just look at me. I need a nap.
More chickens:
And a couple of Vids: Swimming Au Naturale: features a swimming pond with Natural filtration! (Plants do the filtering!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Me??? You shouldn't have...(But Glad you did)

Condo Blues awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award as part of her Blog-iversary celebration.
An award??? For Me????
You Like me Snfff, You really like me!I want to thank the academy, my mom and dad, and all the little people that help get me here. And of course Romeo. (Sorry about the Sally Field channeling)

Here are the rules:
* Thank the person who gave you the award
* Place the logo on your blog
* Link to the person who nominated you
* Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
* Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
* Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

Thanks to Condo Blues for naming me a Kreativ Blogger. At least it wasn't a Kreativ Bugger. Although I have been called worse.

7 Things about me people might find interesting
1- I have adopted over 8 dogs and cats over the past 25 or so years. The good thing is I feel I have taken them out of bad situations, the downside, is they are often older animals and not with me for as long as I would choose
2- I have a thing for older cars and scooters. I own a 1979 MGB roadster, and a 1966 Plymouth Valiant Sedan as well as a 1967 Vespa that I am seriously condsidering converting to electric
3- I started cooking on my own at the ripe age of 4. I always knew what hot was (see below) or at least since 2!
4- I have scars! I have a big on on my fore head(The result of an auto accident when I wads 4 or 5 in my dads 49 Plymouth Coupe) and good size one on my bottom lip (The result of climbing on a hot open oven door when I was around 2) Both have faded- but I can still feel the lip scar when I run my tounge over my bottom lip!
5- I also have a tattoo! I have the mariners logo tatooed on my left bicep! I may get another tattoo on my butt!
6- I first got politically active at a young age and volunteered on Paul Simon's presidential run in 88. Of course he faded way early which is what happens to most candidates I support. I was for Hilary in 2008 as well.
7 I once dressed in drag for a costume party. It never became a habit. I make one ugly woman. I scared small children. And dogs. And a female friend of mine was quite insulted- we where both wearing the same shoes! Anyway all went well until Zorro popped my boobs.

And 7 Bloggers to nominate for this award:
1. Tiny Old House- cause you gotta love anyone who buys old doors and fixes them up for their abode
2. One Green Generation- For posting "For Ladies Only" in the title of her post about greening up menstruation
3. Fleecenik Farms- For kreativ knitting
4. Cold Antler Farm- for keeping us on pins and needles over her farm situation
5. The Farmer's Daughter for making great pies!!
6. Out of Office- not sure if they will accept the award or not, but, kreativity, they got it.
7. Ikea Hacker- a place where creative Ikea hackers meet. Love the originality

Greenhouse Dreams!

I can't wait! Every year I cash in my change (Yes I am one of those freaks who puts change in a jar every night) I then use it to buy myself something extravagant on my birthday. Or I use it at Christmas. This time it's my turn! I ordered a greenhouse I found on sale at IVG Stores. But Rob, what about your plans to turn the old EZ Up frame into a greenhouse. Well, that was a bust. And I got an email it has been shipped! So I will be able to start my tomatoes, Squash etc in a greenhouse this year. Hopefully the plastic behemoth is here soon. as for the old EZ up frame... i will probably use it as a storage building, Anybody got some spare tarps?
And yes... you may now address me as "Farmer Rob"