Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Name is Earl...

Earl Grey that is! When I got home last night there was a big package from UPS on the stoop. Fan mail from some flounder? Early Birthday present? Nope it was the Russian tea plants I ordered a month or so ago from Raintree Nursery. Camellia Sinensis which is where tea comes from. Younger leaves make green and white tea, mature leaves the Black tea. There are instructions! So get out of bed-Romeo and Sammy we got plantin' to do!
two lazy 'Mules sharing a saccharin moment

So out we went into the east 40 feet, and planted what I hope is my caffeine fix in the future! I planted them in the old corn plot, where I also will plant some chamomile plants. Romeo helped!

What was that?- Squirrel!!!
While we planted, Sammy guarded the laundry basket, with "Puss in Boots" eyes.


Fleecenik Farm said...

wow! Very cool. I have thought about getting some tea but I think I would have to bring it in the winter. However, we have bee balm (bergomot) in our garden so we could make Earl Grey.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, may the Earl of Grey have a long and tasty life in your garden. If someday we let go of coffee, there has to remain tea.

Now, I was just reading a catalogue of seed offerings last night (a wild and crazy Saturday night it was, and I'm not complaining!!)and seem to recall a mention that dried tea leaves lead to making black tea, and I may very well be mistaken on the matter. This noted tidbit I seem to recall caught my good eye because I am of the belief that a drying rack will become a common and prized sight in many more backyards.

Your springtime gardening plans are exciting, Rob!


Anonymous said...

Alrightie then following some quick reading, and green tea leaves will be dried, while fermentation, oh my, must be activated to bring about black tea?

Well, now, the steaming pot, I mean plot thickens!

~d :)