Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready to plant!!!

I am so ready to get started in the greenhouse. Yesterday I had to fix a small mishap, (the green house, which is basically a glorified tent, blew over- so I put the stakes in.
Well- long story short- the floor is in- I was going to use wood chips for a floor, with cardboard underneath, rather than gravel, in case I have to move the green house or something, The wood Chips would do much less damage to my mowers, I figure. But instead I decided to use Rubber Playground Mulch, Made from recycled tires. Less hassle and does not attract insects. I would hate to have to hatch my praying mantises in the green house!
I also ordered some seeds from, a company I have dealt with before and had some success with their seeds. I chose Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe, to try my hand at cantaloupes, considering I had success with the worlds smallest watermelons last year, I decided to go with a purposely small melon this year, designed for container gardening. Also got some ground cherries, Aunt Molly's, and some tomatoes.
Red Robin Tomato
I went with Tumbler, a fun tomato to put in hanging baskets, Window Box Romas- which did well in a shallow planter for me last year, and Red Robin which had to be the most prolific little cherry tomato I have ever grown! I got Red Robin seeds to start a plant or two for my mom, as they are supposed to grow wonderfully indoors, her kitchen window being one of the only places that gets a decent amount of sunshine!

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Rosa said...

Let us know how the canteloupes are - the year I grew them, they didn't taste very good. But they probably didn't get enough sun, either.