Friday, February 12, 2010

How I make coffee and (save a bit of energy)

I have quit using my coffee pots (the one at work and the one at home) I used to make a pot of coffee, put it in a thermal carafe and that was it. I did that because That warming burner on a coffee pot is a energy hog. Now, I use two methods of making coffee. The more usual is I use a Black and Decker "Brew N' Go" coffee maker. A simply great little unit that makes a single cup of coffee. I like it because Muggsly fits in it, There are no filters invovled (the unit has a permanent filter) and each cup is freshly made. I use about the same amount of coffee per cup as I did in the regular coffee makers. And the best thing the unit shuts itself off when the coffee is made! I like it so much I bought one for the house. So I unplugged the Large Cuisinart computerized coffee maker with it's vampire sucking timer.

No. In the few times I need more than one cup of coffee, I also use a french press. Here the advantage is 1- I can make 4 cups of coffee, 2-No filter (The french press IS The filter) 3- I can make coffee in even in a power outage ( I have an outside grill, a "jet stove", a chimenea- all ways to boil water!). I might try 4 Bushel Farms Farmgal's "cold brewed coffee" in the near future, but after it is done, I would use the french press to strain it.

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mudnessa said...

I L-O-V-E LOVE my french press. It make delicous coffee day after day because it comes apart and every piece can be cleaned unlike most coffee makers. I use to not enjoy coffee so much because my maker would get some funk in it really quickly and it would take a lot of effort to get it clean, also press is mostly steel and glass, water does not come in contact or sit in plastic. Only plastic part is the lid and mine sits in a plastic pouring handle. I have an electric kettle I use to boil the water then let it brew away in the press. I think the press is my favorite "appliance" in my kitchen.

It is also quite portable and I take it with me on trips, all hotel rooms have water and electricity and I can cheaply brew up my own coffee every morning. Talk about funk, hotel room coffee makers, I don't think they ever get cleaned.

Sorry I'm rambling I've used my press well this morning and a bit extra caffeinated today. ;)