Friday, April 24, 2015

Terrarium city

My terrarium- complete with Dinosaur
Yesterday, I took a class in making Terrariums at ReTreasure in Burien. It was a fun class, where we learned to make our own "Plant-Scapes" in vessels, or rather in containers. One of these days I will do an interview with Yon, the owner at ReTreasure. But back to the terrariums... Me and the ladies had great fun playing in the dirt, sand vermiculite and rocks to create our own little mini gardens.

Another view

My Friend, Danielle's terrarium

Top view
Jennifer's Terrarium

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

You know, first thing, every day should be Earth Day. Second, California apparently has learned that you don't miss the water until the well runs dry- literally. So in honor of Earth Day 2015, I present, again, Penn and Teller's Showtime Show, BULLSHIT. To see how ridiculous people get with the bottled water. William Shatner is bringing up the dreaded pipeline to bring water to California<. I really don't think this bright... water from my state to support green lawns in the dessert, golf courses etc. Sorry Bill, love you as Captain Kirk, but no deal! ALERT THIS VIDEO HAS NAUGHTY WORDS IN IT- VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK. But it is so worth it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Artsy Kids!!!

We did the B-Town Beat, our local art walk, and Yon Flora, of ReTreasure and I partnered up so the kids in our fair city, could have a go at the Spin Art Spinner I made. Here is what the amazing kids came up with:

I think the kids all had fun making little works of art. I know I did!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alien Invasion

Crazy Alien drivers!
The Men and Women in Black- my town of Burien was invaded by Aliens!!! Burien holds an annual UFO Festival every year, since B-Town Blog and Emmy winner Scott Schaefer, released a movie, The Maury Island Incident ,  chronicling a UFO incident right here in Burien! Every year Aliens and Spacecraft invade area 152 ( SW 152nd Street, Burien's Main Drag) for an evening of alien merry making, all the time watching out for the MIB. It featured a costume contest, A tribute to Spock (complete with a dance mob) a 5minute Film short festival (locals made 5 minute movies). It is always a great time.

A certain Cephlapodian visitor enjoys his time at the festival!(Picture by Crystal D. German)
A star fleet officer driving thorugh town!
A traditional Vulcan  dance mob (photo by Kellie Andersen Bassen)
RIP Mr. Spock... Live Long and prosper! (Photo by Kellie Andersen Bassen)