Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alien Invasion

Crazy Alien drivers!
The Men and Women in Black- my town of Burien was invaded by Aliens!!! Burien holds an annual UFO Festival every year, since B-Town Blog and Emmy winner Scott Schaefer, released a movie, The Maury Island Incident ,  chronicling a UFO incident right here in Burien! Every year Aliens and Spacecraft invade area 152 ( SW 152nd Street, Burien's Main Drag) for an evening of alien merry making, all the time watching out for the MIB. It featured a costume contest, A tribute to Spock (complete with a dance mob) a 5minute Film short festival (locals made 5 minute movies). It is always a great time.

A certain Cephlapodian visitor enjoys his time at the festival!(Picture by Crystal D. German)
A star fleet officer driving thorugh town!
A traditional Vulcan  dance mob (photo by Kellie Andersen Bassen)
RIP Mr. Spock... Live Long and prosper! (Photo by Kellie Andersen Bassen) 

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