Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Redneck Stemware

Time to start making Christmas gifts. I know a whole lot of folks who will enjoy this "stemware"
So easy it's silly. First get a standard candle stick ( I got mine at Dollar Tree) take the candle stick, place the top on the bottom of your canning jar.

When sastified with the placement. take a super glue for glass (I used Loctite Glass Glue- dries clear and is dishwasher safe!), glue per directions. when it dries, you have a lovely piece of stemware for the duck dynasty folks that you know!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Burien Boos!

Well, Romeo and Buddy had a great day to party down in Burien, on Sat. October 26th. THe day started off with a B-town Dog "Park-N-Bark" at the Town Square park,

where they met up with their Canine friends and owners for a walk along 152nd, the main street in Burien, and later they got to lead the Dog Costume Parade the Discover Burien puts on each year in their "Boo In Burien" celebration. The weather held out, and they boys had a great time watching the annual Weiner Dog races and eating the dog treats given out by local businesses.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Surviving the Grocery Workers' Strike

Searching  for alternatives for grocery shopping in the Burien Area during the upcoming Grocery Workers Strike? Well here are some…
Trader Joe’s 15868 1st Ave S- General Grocery store
Grocery Outlet-  236 S.W. 152ND ST- Discount full service grocer
Dollar Tree- 250 SW 152nd St.- Yes they sell canned goods and frozen foods
Duane’s  Garden Patch- 11215 8th Ave S, fresh produce
Wayne’s Produce- 144 SW 152nd St, fresh produce, Asian, European
B&E Meats- 15003 Ambaum Blvd. S.W., Meats and Seafood       
Eat Local- 810 SW 151st Street- prepared local foods
Grand Central Bakery- 626 SW 152nd St, Bread and baked goods 
Fresh Start Bakery and deli, 816 Southwest 152nd Street- Gluten free market and deli

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh no she didn't...

Martha Stewart. Homemaker. Media Mogul. Former model and Felon.

I totally get Miss Martha. I mean, after all the tagline of my blog is "a bit like Martha Stewart... only with more testosterone". But really Martha- picking on me and my fellow bloggers???

I was alerted to this by my friend and colleague, Lisa, of Condo Blues and the Lazy Budget Chef Fame. She feels Martha had stomped on her and others who write instructional blogs. And she is not alone. Martha did. just watch the video below:

I must say I get many great ideas from Ms. Stewart. And a few dumb ones. But to go attack a group of people who try to emulate you and be just like you is... well, criminal. Soooo... maybe The Hallmark Channel wasn't wrong after all. You have outlived your usefulness.

And maybe Lisa and I are just having hurt feelings. But you know it stings when an idol says stupid things about you, and I can tell you I learn more from blogs like Condo Blues and Lazy Budget Chef than I ever did from Martha Stewart.

And Romeo and Buddy think her French bulldogs are stuck up.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PINHEADS 12- No Instructions needed

Pinheads... easy ideas... No Instruction needed!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Everyone knows that this country is guarded by an elite force of dogs. Dogs who wear rocket jet packs and fly. If you didn't know that well now you do!
I was first inspired by Natalie at Doodle craft to make Romeo and Buddy's "Rocket Dogs" halloween costumes, after seeing what she came up with for her young son to wear and play with. Thought it could be made into a costume for my dogs!
First I spray painted two water bottles:
And then added felt Flames:

Then I took two of the dogs old coats and made a t-shirt transfers for them
Then I simply attaced the water bottles with some Tywraps and ty-wrap self adhesive holders that where attached to the Rockets so I could re-use the dog's coats.
The end result:

2 HOWLOWEEN COSTUME FOR MY PUPS! A few decals from nasa and such on the jet pack rockets and it will be finished!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rob... Super Jock?

Well I ran walked sorta fast in the local Brat Trot. Didn't do as bad as I thought - came in 80th (out of 84 finishers) in the 1 mile race. And I had two dogs with me. Never go racing with dogs- they want to stop and smell the roses! (and then pee on them). Anyway it was all for charity (The Highline Schools Foundation) so I guess that is a Win-win.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Even more DIY Dog Costumes

Here we go with more DIY Dog costumes!

Meg Allen Cole from Craftzine shows hoe to make a bacon costume perfect for your pooch!

From Small Home Big Start, a taco costume will have them say Yo quero Taco Bell

And this idea for an E.T. costume couldn't be easier... SImply wrap a blanket around your alien dog and put him in a bike basket

And finally, who doesn't love Underdog? THe greatest K9 superhero ever (sorry Krypto) the outfit is so easy.. a T-shirt with a big felt "U" on the front

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Food Rants (or "So what if I eat like a 5 year old?")

While watching the CHEW one day, a gal was talking about how she makes a different lunch each day for her kids. She included PB&J made different ways, started mom and I to talking:

ME: Mom- you never made me a PB&J Sandwich when I was little
Mom: Oh I must have.
ME: No, pretty sure you didn’t.
Mom: well that’s because You don’t like them.

One of the things wrong with kids today is they don't get PB & J mad on soft squishy wonder bread. Most foodies think even their kids sandwiches should be on crusty french bread or ciabatta. I even know of one mom who makes Focaccia bread for her 7 year old's lunch. It's time to stop this madness!!!
Well today I get to take whatever I want to work and somedays it is just PB&J. And I go against my own grain on this. I am from the school that believes PB&J is to be made on soft white bread (like Wonder bread). Well I have loosened my stance a bit, and today love PB&J Roll ups (Tortilla’s with Peanut Butter and Jelly)  Or Peanut Butter and Nutella.
It is a wonderful thing, those PB&J Rollups, But Grilled Cheese should never be served on crusty hard bread, and should always be made with American Cheese. On that there can never be any diversion.