Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Everyone knows that this country is guarded by an elite force of dogs. Dogs who wear rocket jet packs and fly. If you didn't know that well now you do!
I was first inspired by Natalie at Doodle craft to make Romeo and Buddy's "Rocket Dogs" halloween costumes, after seeing what she came up with for her young son to wear and play with. Thought it could be made into a costume for my dogs!
First I spray painted two water bottles:
And then added felt Flames:

Then I took two of the dogs old coats and made a t-shirt transfers for them
Then I simply attaced the water bottles with some Tywraps and ty-wrap self adhesive holders that where attached to the Rockets so I could re-use the dog's coats.
The end result:

2 HOWLOWEEN COSTUME FOR MY PUPS! A few decals from nasa and such on the jet pack rockets and it will be finished!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, my name is Andres, I see that you like to recycle. You seem environmentally friendly. I got to ask, have you ever made other arts and crafts for dogs that include a dog waste disposal? I’ve tried to make my own dog waste disposal for my dogs but, I wasn’t sure if it was safe. I dug a five feet deep hole that barely filled a large plastic trash can. And then, before putting it into the hole I made tiny holes all around it. After that, I finished it off by cutting the bottom part of the trash can and put gravel and sand into the hole along with it. I’m a responsible dog owner but feel that throwing dog waste in the garbage is wrong. I know about companies that deal with dog waste but want to make my own system to discard my dog waste in my backyard.