Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Food Rants (or "So what if I eat like a 5 year old?")

While watching the CHEW one day, a gal was talking about how she makes a different lunch each day for her kids. She included PB&J made different ways, started mom and I to talking:

ME: Mom- you never made me a PB&J Sandwich when I was little
Mom: Oh I must have.
ME: No, pretty sure you didn’t.
Mom: well that’s because You don’t like them.

One of the things wrong with kids today is they don't get PB & J mad on soft squishy wonder bread. Most foodies think even their kids sandwiches should be on crusty french bread or ciabatta. I even know of one mom who makes Focaccia bread for her 7 year old's lunch. It's time to stop this madness!!!
Well today I get to take whatever I want to work and somedays it is just PB&J. And I go against my own grain on this. I am from the school that believes PB&J is to be made on soft white bread (like Wonder bread). Well I have loosened my stance a bit, and today love PB&J Roll ups (Tortilla’s with Peanut Butter and Jelly)  Or Peanut Butter and Nutella.
It is a wonderful thing, those PB&J Rollups, But Grilled Cheese should never be served on crusty hard bread, and should always be made with American Cheese. On that there can never be any diversion.

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