Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Redneck Stemware

Time to start making Christmas gifts. I know a whole lot of folks who will enjoy this "stemware"
So easy it's silly. First get a standard candle stick ( I got mine at Dollar Tree) take the candle stick, place the top on the bottom of your canning jar.

When sastified with the placement. take a super glue for glass (I used Loctite Glass Glue- dries clear and is dishwasher safe!), glue per directions. when it dries, you have a lovely piece of stemware for the duck dynasty folks that you know!

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Janet said...

Based on these redneck wine glasses, I think you might like some things redneck. This graphic that shows famous rednecks explaining social media sites. You know, like how you change your Facebook when you're out of a relationship with your cousin.

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