Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well another year has come and another has gone... what did I change over the past year to help green up my life? the following list is from the One Small Change challenge:

Get my prescriptions mail order- saves money and the bottles are recyclable- as opposed to the #5 bottles that I get from the pharmacies

Using paper yard waste bags to dispose of Sammy Cat's used litter- as opposed to using a plastic bag. Keeps the garbage men happy and me as well- not to mention Sammy Cat

Save on paper towels- use a squeegee to wipe down fogged mirror

Charge my cell phone using the car (dc) charger- found out that this does not increase gas usage as one reader commented on.

Showering with the door open- no need to run the exhaust fan plus it helps humidify the house

Shave in a bowl and save grey water to water plants

Major projects In 2010:

A lot planned. None came to fruition. So I have the same list for this year.Starting with a bike shed in the front yard- The thought being that if it is easier to get to- so will the choice to take the bike as opposed to the car.

Also in 2010- I got an allotment at the local "P-patch that I share with mom. After the realization that she would have to work it though, she is not so keen on keeping with it. Her son, though, thinks it would be the perfect spot to plant some plants that he doesn't have room for at home so he is keeping it in the family!

I quit cigarettes. I went to "e-cigarettes" for a change and have an occasional social smoke, but no more tobacco.

NEW FOR 2011:

My I.S.O. InSignificant Other is moving out- that will green up this household... No one running the A/C in the middle of winter, no lights on all hours of the day and night, No more Styrofoam clam shells, plastic forks and cups and bottles! No more 20 minute showers. No more hot water laundry! I expect my water and power bills to go down! I might even try indoor clothes drying!

I resolve not to make any resolutions. I notice others have chosen to stick with the One Small Change challenge.. that works for me!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reefer Madness

I wasn't going to do a party post today. But then I got bored. And this is what happens when I get bored... REEFER MADNESS!!!
I would probably make a magnet out of anything... Old credit cards, bottle caps

Even my badge that proves I am an official Washington State Junior Trooper!

All you need is some Super Glue, a magnet and something to use as a magnet (in this case a bottle cap- I can't throw nothing away) Just put a circle of the glue in the bottle cap...
Insert the magnet let dry and you are done! Makes a great gift for mothers, grandmas and aunts

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Romeo is not the best behaved dog in the world. Sometimes he gets sent to bed for a time out. I walked in and saw him and Weasley, has favorite toy... I had to take a pic!
"Snfff...Weasley... You are my bestest friend"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Howlidays Y'all


My world to yours!
Rob, Sammy Cat, And Romeo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simple Seasonal Art

Framing the gift box lid gives it a more "art worthy" look, I think.

Time for one last art project. Sometimes, simple ideas make the best art. I love this picture- seeing as it has two of my favorite things- Penguins and Vespa Scooters! This was actually the lid from a gift box that I have had for many years! I went to Ikea and bought a "Ribba" Frame that already had the mat in it for $14.99- Then I cut the pic to fit and now I have a piece of seasonal art that I can keep and hang for years! This could probably be done with childrens art pictures or greeting cards as well.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Neighbors Marathon

Well what do you know. Imagine a T.V. Series that follows the misadventures of a couple who leave's the rat race behind, decides to "homestead" on their land in Surbington, a Suburb of London, and in the meantime drive their Uppercrust Neighbor, Margo Ledbetter, absolutely nuts?
Sound like some homesteading bloggers we all know?
One of the funniest (IMO) T.V. shows ever, Introduced audiences to some of the best actors Britain ever produced (Penelope Keith, Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal and Paul Eddington) as the Goods and their high class neighbors the Ledbetters.
People living in the United Kingdom know this program as The Good Life. This was how it was released and is the original title of the show. However, when it was released in the United States, the title was changed to Good Neighbors. Why the change then? There was an American sitcom called The Good Life starring Larry Hagman and Donna Mills. It ran from September 1971 to January 1972 on NBC. While it was not running when the British version came to The United States, the name was changed so as not to be confused with this earlier American show.
Anyway if you are lucky enough to live in the KBTC broadcast area, or have Netflix -get the Good Neighbors, you may thank me later.
Great news for Puget Sound residents- KBTC PBS channel 28 (Channel 3 or Channel 12 on comcast cable) Is showing a Marathon of "The Good Neighbor" on Christmas day! from 8:30pm to midnight 5 episodes of this grand import from the BBC.

A snippet from one of the Good Neighbors Christmas Show and their home made "Crackers"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Enjoy the Fire!

Hoping you and yours will have a great Holiday week. Make a nice fire and enjoy some cocoa. What? No Fireplace??? Well we here at Rob's World can fix that. Cable on demand channels usually has on demand this time of year a Fireplace channel. Or you can download or buy a fireplace DVD to run on your computer. Or just enjoy the warmth of a fire right here:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What to get your guy(s)

I am something of an expert on shopping for men and boys. Why? Because I am immature enough to still play (or want to) play with toys. Makes shopping easy. And let’s face it- you still need that skill to find the best toys. Some of my favorites this year are:

From Think Geek:
Bucky Balls- (Think Geek is my kind of store- and as they say about this toy…Play with your balls at work!) Actually I have played with these and they are great- on a level with Lego. Imaginative, easy to work with. Be cautioned though not for real little kids- (small parts and all)- but great for Big Kids through adult!

Coffee cup Inverter-Also found at think geek Allows you to power 120 Volt appliances and tools on 12 volt battery- just plug into your lighter- great for camping and emergencies Or if you ever need to mix a cake on your way to work!
From Uncommon Goods:
Selt Belts and Bike Belts; Buckle Up--- these cool Seat Belts are actual seat belt buckles form some fave cars- cant afford a Caddillac? You can hold your pants up with a Caddy Belt. The Bike Tread belts are handmade in Portland, Oregon from recycled rubber road or hybrid bicycle tires, and each one is strong enough to cinch you in for years to come. Each belt is made from a different tire, so each one has a distinct pattern to its tread, even showing different levels of wear

From The Boeing Store
The Boeing Store is a great source of fun Lego, Airplane models and Science toys-
This year I got my cousin’s boys some great toys- A ping pong Cannon, An airplane launcher and a Robot Bug you build using an empty pop can. I of course am a sucker for toys like these and my company’s store provides me hours of entertainment.

One of my favorite toys I ever received was a Crystal Radio Set – Grant it only works on am frequencies, but a radio that needs no power to work!!!
So there you have my short list on What to get Him for Christmas. And yes I am sure every guy out there is as immature and childish as I am!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Meme!

A friend sent me this meme- And all I can say is TAG! YOUR IT!

What the most unusual thing you left out for a snack for Santa as a child?
Pickled Herring and Triscuits

Do you remember when or how you found out about Santa?
Yes. I asked my mom to read me a book that Santa brought and she said “I didn’t buy that book so I could read it to you. Which I replied- “Santa brought me this book!” Mom tried to fix it but too late- Cat was out of the bag!

What was the best present you ever got- Hmmm. I suppose it was a Daisy BB Gun. I had been taking NRA rifle lessons at summer camp and fell in love with those bb guns. Apparently no one was worried about me shooting my eye out! And no my dad didn’t have a leg lamp (it was a very major award!)

Fake trees or real trees growing up? Mostly Fake- I remember the aluminum tree my grandparents had- (all us kids like the rotating spot light). I have one today- no spotlight but man the tree shimmers!

What’s your favorite Christmas Cookie as a kid?- I really never had one as my Mom didn’t make cookies that much ( I was well over 21 before I first tasted a snickerdoodle!)-She did make Chocolate Caramels and Chex Mix every year (still does) but I suppose I would go with Krum Kake.

The Rules- Copy this meme and post it with Your answers of course.
Enjoy your holidays!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real or Fake???

Real or Fake? Cut down one of Natures gifts or Risk PVC Off gassing? After a few years of reading blogs, I still don’t think there is a clear distinct answer on what kind of holiday tree is better- Fake or Real. I personally like my fake trees, they get re-used over and over again. But here are some alternatives that may make me change my mind, and a few alternatives that may make me make a tree next year:

Real Alternatives- Use a potted plant or tree and put the lights and decorations on it

The Cardboard Christmas Tree- made out of cardboard (Kraft Paper) it is reuseable and since you paint the tree and ornament yourself no one will have one just like it. Ranging in sizes from table top to 1 foot to 3 feet a steal at $19.95 for the 3 foot model. I am thinking a person could craft one out of cardboard at home. Also via Fake plastic Fish, Cascades Boutique has cardboard trees. A bit more money, but they are a bit more ornate

Sometimes the best tree is one you make your self! Not just a tree made of Mountain Dew bottles either--- This elegant alternative Christmas tree in Bermondsey Square, London is made out of 35 wheels from old bikes. Might give me something to do with all those old hubcaps I keep grabbing from the side of the road!

If I had the talent and patience for wood working I would definitely make one of these trees from reclaimed wood!

This tree from Crate and Barrel allows you to fill it’s branches with your ornaments

Last year I got into the fray with my CD TREE

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Firestarter Logs

Ever wonder what to do with some of your household items that collect. Here's a gift you (Or your Kids) can make that costs nothing. FireStarter Logs- the perfect gift for someone who has a fireplace or goes camping... All you need is some common trash to make them! Dryer lint is highly flammable, which is why your dryer should always be vented to the outside, and you should remove lint from the lint trap regularly.
I made 6 of these Firestarter log's in about 10 minutes. They look like Christmas Crackers!
To Start: you need some empty Toilet Paper Rolls, Some Tissue paper (or News print), Some string or Jute Twine, and of course the laundry lint. Great opportunity to clean the lint trap of your dryer!!!
Cut the tissue paper or news print about 2 inches larger on each side of the TP roll
Stuff the TP Roll with the dryer lint.
Roll up the stuffed TP roll in the paper
Tie the ends of with string

There you are done making a Firestarter log. Just place under the kindling and light! Should stay lit long enough to start a Beautiful Fire. Just remember to extinguish on Christmas Eve - You don't want to burn Santa's Butt!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pet-ZZZ Pads and Electric throw blankets- The Freeze Your Buns 2010 Update

Dear Chrunchetta- My buns are totally froze and have been solid ice for about a month now. I have been successful at keeping my thermostat down to 55 when not at home or in bed. The only difference with this years challenge is my increase in bad thermostat usage or BTU. This year, instead of keeping my thermostat off in the bedroom, I turn it up to a balmy 62 degrees about a half hour before I go to bed, then turn it to off. A bad habit I got into a few weeks back in the freeze fest here in the Puget Sound region. Even with my electric throw it gets very cold in my bedroom even with Romeo and Sammy Cat curled up under the comforter. Oh yeah the other thing I did for their comfort is I got them 2 Pet-ZZZ pads- a heating pad for pets that turns on when they lay on them- supposedly they use very little power but keeps my pets warm while at work! Something I worry about. I think they may be the answer for keeping your chickens water thawed as well. As seen on T.V., but also available at Bartells!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Charlie Brown Had it Right!

As I was decorating my tree or rather adding some more decorations I was reflecting and thought about these videos; one of course is from A Charlie Brown Christmas (people my age grew up on it):

The other is from the City of Concord, California:

The reason I posted the second video is we have a tree here in Burien that is owned by Y.B. Tubless/Economy Wiring that has been a landmark for years at Christmas time, and being Burien's largest tree, can be seen a great distance away. To me it is a "WELCOME" Sign every year and, while the tree and location has it's detractors... I personally think it is cool we have this wonderful tree that gets re used year after year and costs little to the city. There are some who think we need to pull money out of the city budget for a tree in the Town Square park, but all I think about that is it is a great expense and totally unnecessary to cut down a majestic tree for decoration. I like the tree we got!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

For some folks it's the Night Before Christmas,
others A Christmas Carol by Dickens,
But as for me...
It is just not Christmas until
I read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
I first read this book in I suppose 1964 or 1965- Of course i didn't realize it then, as it is one of the first books I read- at the time I suppose I thought it was a book on the importance of sharing. But today it is a book not only on sharing what you have, but a book about community, recycling, reusing and yes making do as well.
Oh No! The Tree is too tall!!!

You see Mr Willowby orders a tree, by special delivery, and it turns out it is too tall. So, he gets the butler to chop off the top, who in turn gives it the top to Miss Adelaide, the upstairs Maid, who in turn has to lop off the top, and discards it. Then the Gardener finds it, dumpster dives and takes the remaining top home. And you got it- it's too tall! The cut off the top and the bears find it and then the foxes and so on and so on.

The Barnaby Bear Family Celebrates with their piece of tree

This is a perfect book on teaching kids about recycling and re-using. Everyone gets a piece of Mr. Willowby's tree, down to the lowly mice.

The illustrations are good, and the book is it's self attractive. A good read for kids and adults alike. The amazing thing is it was written in 1963. I still read it every year. I want to thank my mom for giving me this book and encouraging me to read!