Friday, December 3, 2010

Shit is my life

The tv show "Dirty Jobs aint nuthin-
You know people ask me what I do at work. I explain that I am a maintenance plumber. Yup= shit is my life.

This pic is just a web fantasy of the drain line I spent the last 2 working days unplugging. Imagine a 1o foot run of impacted Grease and rice, and why I think that Vegetarianism might not be so bad. 2 days of taking the drain line down in sections, and literally scooping out by hand. Pretty much my normal night. And one reason I count down to retirement.

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Heather said...

Maybe you should invite Mike Rowe to come film you at your job ;)

The grease and rice bit got to me. As much as I (and my kids) try to scrape any scraps into the garbage, I'm sure there are a ton of rice grains that go down our sink, along with our share of grease. If I don't want my pipes to end up looking like that {shudder} what do you suggest for preventative measures? We always try to run really hot water for if we accidentally have a large amount of grease go down the drain, and we regularly dump baking soda and vinegar into the garbage disposal. But are there other methods?