Saturday, December 18, 2010

What to get your guy(s)

I am something of an expert on shopping for men and boys. Why? Because I am immature enough to still play (or want to) play with toys. Makes shopping easy. And let’s face it- you still need that skill to find the best toys. Some of my favorites this year are:

From Think Geek:
Bucky Balls- (Think Geek is my kind of store- and as they say about this toy…Play with your balls at work!) Actually I have played with these and they are great- on a level with Lego. Imaginative, easy to work with. Be cautioned though not for real little kids- (small parts and all)- but great for Big Kids through adult!

Coffee cup Inverter-Also found at think geek Allows you to power 120 Volt appliances and tools on 12 volt battery- just plug into your lighter- great for camping and emergencies Or if you ever need to mix a cake on your way to work!
From Uncommon Goods:
Selt Belts and Bike Belts; Buckle Up--- these cool Seat Belts are actual seat belt buckles form some fave cars- cant afford a Caddillac? You can hold your pants up with a Caddy Belt. The Bike Tread belts are handmade in Portland, Oregon from recycled rubber road or hybrid bicycle tires, and each one is strong enough to cinch you in for years to come. Each belt is made from a different tire, so each one has a distinct pattern to its tread, even showing different levels of wear

From The Boeing Store
The Boeing Store is a great source of fun Lego, Airplane models and Science toys-
This year I got my cousin’s boys some great toys- A ping pong Cannon, An airplane launcher and a Robot Bug you build using an empty pop can. I of course am a sucker for toys like these and my company’s store provides me hours of entertainment.

One of my favorite toys I ever received was a Crystal Radio Set – Grant it only works on am frequencies, but a radio that needs no power to work!!!
So there you have my short list on What to get Him for Christmas. And yes I am sure every guy out there is as immature and childish as I am!


Simply Green said...

Not gonna lie, that coffee cup plug is awesome and I WANT IT! That other stuff is pretty balling too :D These are some great tips for any geek or auto-freak :D

cheaplikeme said...

I just saw this - great list! I love the coffee cup inverter too. And the crystal radio ... but maybe for my 9-year-old, who got snap circuits for xmas -- and a physics kit that we were playing with last night. The husband has really not been able to stop handling his balls ... Bucky Balls ... since he got them for the holiday. Happy New Year!