Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pet-ZZZ Pads and Electric throw blankets- The Freeze Your Buns 2010 Update

Dear Chrunchetta- My buns are totally froze and have been solid ice for about a month now. I have been successful at keeping my thermostat down to 55 when not at home or in bed. The only difference with this years challenge is my increase in bad thermostat usage or BTU. This year, instead of keeping my thermostat off in the bedroom, I turn it up to a balmy 62 degrees about a half hour before I go to bed, then turn it to off. A bad habit I got into a few weeks back in the freeze fest here in the Puget Sound region. Even with my electric throw it gets very cold in my bedroom even with Romeo and Sammy Cat curled up under the comforter. Oh yeah the other thing I did for their comfort is I got them 2 Pet-ZZZ pads- a heating pad for pets that turns on when they lay on them- supposedly they use very little power but keeps my pets warm while at work! Something I worry about. I think they may be the answer for keeping your chickens water thawed as well. As seen on T.V., but also available at Bartells!

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