Monday, December 13, 2010

Charlie Brown Had it Right!

As I was decorating my tree or rather adding some more decorations I was reflecting and thought about these videos; one of course is from A Charlie Brown Christmas (people my age grew up on it):

The other is from the City of Concord, California:

The reason I posted the second video is we have a tree here in Burien that is owned by Y.B. Tubless/Economy Wiring that has been a landmark for years at Christmas time, and being Burien's largest tree, can be seen a great distance away. To me it is a "WELCOME" Sign every year and, while the tree and location has it's detractors... I personally think it is cool we have this wonderful tree that gets re used year after year and costs little to the city. There are some who think we need to pull money out of the city budget for a tree in the Town Square park, but all I think about that is it is a great expense and totally unnecessary to cut down a majestic tree for decoration. I like the tree we got!

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