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Hot Apple Cider

Nothing says Christmas like a mug of Hot Apple Cider. A Friend of mine, Lynn, used to bring this to our annual Car Club Holiday Dinner. Easy to make- Non-Alcoholic, and Crisp, it can be made in a crock pot or an old percolator Which was the way Lynn made it (one of those Buffet Percolators with a spout and all!

1 gallon apple cider

1 ½ cups Red Hot Candies

In a Large pot, warm the cider on the stove and add the red hot candies. OR warm it in a coffee percolator and add the candies. Or try it in a large Crock Pot! Stir to dissolve the candies!

Serve when at the best warm temperature. Just under boiling, but hot enough to steam.
To make a smaller amount: Use a quart of cider and 3 Tablespoons of red hots.

Serve in a mug with a Cinnamon Stick or or Cinnamon Candy cane and perhaps a slice of apple!

You can experiment with the level of cinnamon strength by adding less red hots and increasing the amount to find what your family prefers.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Music

Christmas music is such a great way to celebrate the Holiday. Here are my top five Christmas songs

Number 5- Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses
A blast from my own past- This song had us rocking around the Christmas tree in the 90's

Number 4- All I want For Christmas- Mariah Carey
I know. But it really is a catchy tune that puts a smile to my face. And she didn't have to rip off anyone! And it is the show stopper from the movie, "Love, Actually"

Number 3-Santa Bring my Baby- Elvis PResley

You cannot have Christmas without Elvis. Just can't....

Number 2- Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley
And you cannot have too much Elvis at Christmas (or any other time for that matter)Unfortunately You Tube disagrees and doesn't have a video available without Martina McBride twanging a duet with the King.

Number 1- Santa Baby- Miss Earth Kitt
Probably my all time Favorite Christmas Song. Not the Madonna version, This song must be sung by Earth Kitt. As it Should Be!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moshier Holiday Pottery Sale

Here is the Booty I got at the annual MOSHIER HOLIDAY POTTERY SALE here in Burien. Mosher is the Parks name where the Moshier Arts Center is located and where talented folks who work in clay go to do their spinning wheel/kiln work. Many great deals at this holiday sale. And always a free piece. I always consider this the pre-cursor to the annual Empty Bowls event held in Burien by these same great artisans. The big difference is I can get a hold of original serving pieces and dog bowls, not just bowls!
My annual new bowls for bowsers' gift- personalized with their nick names- Slurp and Burp!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tree Alternatives 2013

It's time for my annual list of Christmas Tree Alternatives. Not that I have anything against fresh cut trees. But there have to be alternatives for those who don't like fresh cut trees, those who are adainst cutting down a tree for decoration, and even those who are allergic (myself included- I touch evergreens and break out in a rash so no gin martini's for me!). It really doesn't matter what a tree is made of, it's the memories and the ornaments that make it a Christmas Tree!

My Friend Mellow, and her family made this wonderful Copper Tree, that should last a lifetime.
I have seen Branch trees used for Halloween and Easter... Never thought of them for Christmas!
Here's one for the Gardeners: Use a Tomato Trellis as a tree!

How about a tree made from Pallets???
 Or maybe string?
One of my favorites- the Driftwood tree

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 GIFT GUIDE!!!

Time for my 2013 Gift Guide (or what to buy someone like me for Christmas)... Not that I am fishing for any gifts or anything. Really. Any way on with the guide:

AQUAFARM- A hydroponic fish farm. Really interesting as you learn about Hydroponics. I actually own on of these. And I have grown lettuce, wheat grass and basil in mine. Going to try some diversified crops next.Don't believe the "self cleaning" though. Of course mine had an algae bloom as it sits in a southern exposure window. But it is easily taken care of and cleaned. Maybe I need to move mine to a bookshelf with a L.E.D. Grow light...
59.99 includes seeds, rocks, pump, start food. At Back To The Roots

MUSHROOM KIT- Also from Back To The Roots, a gift for an aunt, a foodie friend, office party, A mushroom garden kit. For only 19.99 You can give a garden full of delightful, delicous Oyster Mushrooms. Super easy to grow. BTTR best product!!!

PAPER POT MAKER... I know, I know... you can use a can to make paper seed starting pots...but think of the person you are giving to... perfect gift for gardener who starts their own seeds!

How about a BIKE? or Accessories? perfect green gift, bikes are so affordable right now. And if they have a bike accessories like Paniers, locks, lights do not need to be expensive.