Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Music

Christmas music is such a great way to celebrate the Holiday. Here are my top five Christmas songs

Number 5- Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses
A blast from my own past- This song had us rocking around the Christmas tree in the 90's

Number 4- All I want For Christmas- Mariah Carey
I know. But it really is a catchy tune that puts a smile to my face. And she didn't have to rip off anyone! And it is the show stopper from the movie, "Love, Actually"

Number 3-Santa Bring my Baby- Elvis PResley

You cannot have Christmas without Elvis. Just can't....

Number 2- Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley
And you cannot have too much Elvis at Christmas (or any other time for that matter)Unfortunately You Tube disagrees and doesn't have a video available without Martina McBride twanging a duet with the King.

Number 1- Santa Baby- Miss Earth Kitt
Probably my all time Favorite Christmas Song. Not the Madonna version, This song must be sung by Earth Kitt. As it Should Be!

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