Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 GIFT GUIDE!!!

Time for my 2013 Gift Guide (or what to buy someone like me for Christmas)... Not that I am fishing for any gifts or anything. Really. Any way on with the guide:

AQUAFARM- A hydroponic fish farm. Really interesting as you learn about Hydroponics. I actually own on of these. And I have grown lettuce, wheat grass and basil in mine. Going to try some diversified crops next.Don't believe the "self cleaning" though. Of course mine had an algae bloom as it sits in a southern exposure window. But it is easily taken care of and cleaned. Maybe I need to move mine to a bookshelf with a L.E.D. Grow light...
59.99 includes seeds, rocks, pump, start food. At Back To The Roots

MUSHROOM KIT- Also from Back To The Roots, a gift for an aunt, a foodie friend, office party, A mushroom garden kit. For only 19.99 You can give a garden full of delightful, delicous Oyster Mushrooms. Super easy to grow. BTTR best product!!!

PAPER POT MAKER... I know, I know... you can use a can to make paper seed starting pots...but think of the person you are giving to... perfect gift for gardener who starts their own seeds!

How about a BIKE? or Accessories? perfect green gift, bikes are so affordable right now. And if they have a bike accessories like Paniers, locks, lights do not need to be expensive.

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