Monday, March 31, 2008


Anybody looking for a unique computer cabinet? Here is one for free- It is an old video game cabinet - just put the CPU in the lower section of the cabinet, then the coin slots become the access door, and just put the monitor on the shelf and through the window becomes the monitor. Great idea for kids computer for gaming and such. Looks great in a rec room. Just contact me at if you are interested.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Some friends and I were talking about our Macho trucks and then one of them said about my car- Well Your car isn't to manly. He was talking about my 1995 Suzuki Swift, which gets about 38 combined mpg. And it got me to thinking about status. I bought the Swift in '95, as it had one of the best MPG ratings. This car is 13 years old, has never had a major malfunction, has performed greatly in all 13 years. In fact the only wrong with the car was the Headliner came unattached so i removed it and bought a new headliner kit, which due to our rainy Seattle winters, I have not yet installed. This car has driven three people on a 3200 mile round trip to phoenix and back cheaper than flying Southwest. It has performed in snowy weather like a top, and of course performs in rainy conditions (the norm around here)greatly, too. So - I say lets all change our attitudes about our cars. The new scale should be MPG Rating, dependability,style and price. What the trick is is to let Detroit know this is what we want. I think maybe folks need to park their SUV's and start driving more fuel efficient cars. And until I can afford to get an EV I will drive the swift. And it is great fun to go the gas station and fill up for $20!

66 things to use Vinegar for!

well I was surfing the inter-web thingy, and found this cool list on things you can use vinegar for! Aome of these I knew, some I didn't. Anyway here is the list: 66 Uses for Vinegar. Imagine no more buying window cleaner or stain remover. Hair rinse? Use your own (Don't go by my bio pic on this- I think BALD is beautiful!

NO TRIP, What to do?

Well, we got cancelled to go to Walla Walla. Seems their power was out on Thursday and should be all weekend long- so they didn't want to do the fence. I got a CD rom for the computer- called FIX IT- from simply it seems to be an informational CD on common home maintenance problems. Seems interesting- now if it can tell me why my old laptop aint working!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rant and rave, Rock and Roll

Sorry I didn't mean to get on a rant here, but I do have some strong feelings time to time. I don't see how people can be so blind to the enviorment, economics, political issues. I need to do a hack or something. OR something crafty. I am going to Walla Walla WA. to help put up a fence for Martin's (Big roommate) Mom and Dad. We are renting a Mini-Van to take along four dogs and three humans. Two of the humans and three of the canines will be sleeping in said van. So that takes out some of the sting of driving clear across the state to perform work. Three people van-pooling across Washington state, to the heart of Bush Country, and saving the cost of the hotel. YeeHaw- good times, good times! So I wont be blogging for a couple of days

How to elect a republican president

Hillary and Barack. Get it together folks! I was listening to AM 1090 tonight in the van between jobs at work- they were talking if you are for Hillary, what are your current feelings about Obama, and if you are for Obama, what are your current feelings about Hillary. I was amazed how many people were saying IF Hillary gets the nomination then I am not voting for president OR if Obama gets the nomination I am not voting for president. Goddammit people, it is time to wisen up! This just plays into BushIII's (McCain) hands. Not voting is what the old man wants. That and to carry out Dubya's mission. Buy not voting you are placing a vote in the McCain camp. And if you want 4 more years of war, (of course McCain wants 100), Bad econimic policy, More of the don't tax and spend republicans. Then don't vote. Your concsience should be good cause you didn't vote for the mother fucker. Of course you will be wondering how the hell he got elected... but it wasn't your fault. Democrats have the greatest ability of snagging defeat out of the jaws of Victory. This is one reason why. I say if you don't vote then move your ass to France! And to Hillary and Barack- it is time to start finding some common good and get it together to beat BushIII!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well today was the day. I had to put Tuffy down. He was a trooper as always. The Vet let me stay with Tuff while they gave him a sedative and then the final shot. I was amazed how fast it was and how fast tuffy went. The vet told me he was afraid of that tuffy would start failing fast and was glad I made the decision to euthanize. While I appreciate the nice comments I can't help but feel a bit crappy- tuffy lived his whole life loving everybody and being the best lap sitter-purring machine there was. I got tuffy for an elderly woman who lived behind my mom. When Mrs. Ellis passed on my mom took tuffy in. Then When OG ,my first kitty, died suddenly from Uremia I took Tuffy. HE lived many years playing with Sammy, and he was so polite to Binky and Spike. It was a precious moment to be with him in the end.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Found yet another great blog- LIFE LESS PLASTIC This gal makes real sense especially her argument on paper towels. Nice to see so many like minded peeps out there! Also, looking around blog land today at Ikea hacker had a great post about a Denise, who set out to makeover her boyfriends apartment living room and did so using primarily the furniture that was there already and items from the AS-IS department at Ikea- the living room turned out fabulous- thrifty and green! gotta love that!


Here it is a sunny day and I am depressed- Going to cal the vet's office and arrange for Tuffy to be put down. HE suffered all weekend- would hardly eat, just slept on the his pillow on the couch most all weekend. Poor little guy! Have gotten nothing done all week, except for canceling my newspaper since the carrier doesn't think he needs to put the paper on the front porch, with no plastic wrapper, and the Seattle Times assured me this will happen. The funny part is he just throws it in the driveway, in a puddle, making the wrapper useless. Service is no longer number1 at the Seattle Times. So subscribers like me won't put up with it! Besides... I can read the paper online and later if they want people to subscribe, I will do it that way. One less plastic bag a day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


not the music group- my day has been a succesfull green day- 1- I went out and took car of the compster, adding stuff to it and strirring 2- I RE-USED a 5 gallon bucket at work today- Made a tool box out of it- the Seattle Times gave me a tool organiser for a bucket at the NW Garden and flower show- I look at it- it was sturdy enough for my tools- I found a five gallon bucket destined for the trash and now have a nifty tool bucket! 3- I went crazy recycling today. 4- I have been re-using containers instead of buying them (like ziploc containers) I also found a use for pill bottles- I have been using them to sort my small nails, and put those pesky little screwdriver bits in. They are so handy!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics


I got the hallway painting done. And tuff was a little better= until about 6pm- then he puked and a little later left a present in the hallway. Tonight he seemed a tad lethargic. tomorrow I take him on for his ultrasound.
Anyway the hallway is now sharkfin - a grey tone that has a little more blue in it rather than the old grey which had more purple. Looks pretty good. As far as spring cleaning- I took everything out of the china cabinet and washed it.
And i fixed the kitchen drawer that Topaz (dumb dog)broke while counter surfing.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuffy saga carries on

I talked to the vetrinarian on Friday- They want orange cat to come in for a Ultra sound on his tummy and heart. My mom of course said that would be enough for her to put tuff down- but not for me. The vet said that if they don't find anything Tuff could be treated with medication but what he doesn't know. He was talking biopsies and all sorts of stuff. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
In my last post I said I have a menagerie of unwanted animals. I guess i should explain that. My yorkie Binkey came from the local Yorkshire terrier rescue. He was there because his former owner had no time for him. My pug was from a gal at work who'd decided her family had lost interest in him. The Chocolate Lab was my roommate martin's mothers former seeing eye dog- she was fired, not a good seeing eye dog-she liked to go off and chase things like squirrels and other dogs- not good when you are working. My cats- Sammy found me the first Christmas I lived here - my neighbor and I figure the family down the street just left him when they moved- he had been feeding him for about a week when this little fluffy black kitty came up to me and Meowed and rubbed my legs and was purring like a demon... and Tuff, well originally I adopted him for my mom's neighbor lady on the proposal that if and when she passed on I would make sure Tuff had a home. She did and I kept my word. that is the short story of how I got my current animals. regular zoo going on here.
So that is how come I said unwanted animals. I urge anyone out there looking for a pet to adopt an unwanted pet from a shelter or rescue society. You will get lots of love in a great package!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Cat????

OK. I have a menagerie of unwanted animals. I am just a sucker! Orange cat, TUFFY, went to the vet today because he has diarrhea and daily vomiting fits. I figured it was due to low self esteem because of all the commercials for cat food for cats that are too fat, and he felt big. Hell he is big...until this bulimia thing started. He has lost about half of his body weight.
Sooooooo I take him to the vet. Now remember, this is the man who one day saw my pug, who IS fat, and said that is normal for a pug to get big after neutering, then the next visit read me the riot act for letting my dog look like a bratwurst- the kind filled with cheese. Also this is the vet hospital that extracted all off my yorkies teeth and annually sends me a reminder that Binky is due for hie oral exam!
Back to the orange cat- turns out he has an enlarged heart (x-rays) but that is not the problem. At least the vet doesn't think it is. We won't know more until all the lab tests come back. I always knew tuffy had a big heart- he is such a lover boy. And free he ain't- cost me $430. Small price to pay for a perpetual purr machine

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My IKEA LILLBERG love seat isn't exactly a hack; I found the frame at the Ikea AS IS section of IKEA Seattle for $75. Then I purchased two Froarp seatcovers for the lillberg from the storefor $40. I went home, cut up some old foam rubber seat cushions with my handy electric carving knife (the best thing to use when cutting foam rubber) to the right size, stuffed the seat cushion covers and VOILA a new Lillberg Love seat for $115. Sammy the Cat loves it!


I stumbled on this blog Fake Plastic Fish- it is amazing to me some lengths people will go to help the planet- I don't know if I could be as dedicated as Beth on reducing my plastic output, but I sure give her snaps for trying. No Frozen convieniance food? You go girl!


How is that for a title? I was out having a pre-work smoke when someone, a complete stranger,was going to their parked car and stopped and said "You know those things will kill you". Thank you very much for your concern asshole- Did you know that your bitching about my smoking may be hazardous to your health! I mean, when did we become a police state about smoking? I mean you cannot smoke a cigarette in a bar in this state, and then the state is talking about making it illegal to smoke when driving with children in the car. I know it seems like a good idea but really when is enough enough? My own company is starting a non-smoking policy, saying you cannot smoke on company property, which includes YOUR personal vehicle, while it is on company grounds. I wish these companies would learn The insurance companies are NEVER GOING TO LOWER YOUR RATES- they are like the oil companies- once the get the price to a certain level it is going to stay there. Sorry didn't mean to get on a rant.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok once in awhile I try to improve myself and try new things. One thing I am doing is trying to wean myself off of cows milk and drink soy milk. I have to tell you I love cowa milk. And the soy milk itself is well- soy milk. I like vanilla soy but am afraid with the diabetes I can't drink it. Soy I get regular soy milk. You know, Ethyl is always better. As far as the smoking goes I know I have to quit, but everytime someone opens their fool mouth about it, I just want to light up. Oh well- figured I would be one of those lovable old coots that hangs out in the garage, with a glass of bourbon and a pack of camels and an oxygen tube. Seems a person shouldn't try to plan the future!

Metro Hippies

Remember Joshua Foss from design star 2? well I found his blog- and he truly is the Metro Hippie. I always thought he got a raw deal on design star, what with those two egomaniacs Robb and Todd trying to crowd everyone out. Thank god for Kim Myles! Well nice to see Josh doing so well. Read his blog- interesting stuff!

Friday, March 7, 2008


No the answer isn't what did Nancy Kerrigan say after Tonya had her knee whacked. I have recieved a few emails asking why do I hack? Well it's like this-1- I prefer to hack rather than buy new2- it's called a "hobby"3- saves money4- is earth friendly- (especially when I go Dumpster diving for something cool)5- I get the furniture or item I want6- Don't ask dumb questions! I read some good blogs today, No Impact man, Loving green, Crunchy Chicken,Ants-On-A-FarmGot some stich witchery at JoAnns Fabrics today. I love going in there on my lunch break. All the ladies there look at me like I am a mad rapist. And god forbid if I ask for information "Do y'all have classes on how to thread the bobbin on the sewing machine? What Brand? Sears Kenmore- we only sell Viking. LOL LOL My 8th grade home ec teacher would be so mad at me for forgetting how to thread a bobbin. Oh well I am a guy. I did sew my own slipcovers for my 66 Plymouth!


I made an island for my kitchen from an old plywood sideboard my mom had in her basement. I took the top off the sideboard put a new plywood top on it, got a piece of stainless steel cut for top, finished it with moulding.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Mom needed a sideboard in her new apartment- but it couldn't be too deep and need to clear a 2 foot long baseboard heater.

I made my mom a sideboard and cabinet using IVAR cabinets, a 1X12X6 foot pine board and some mackis office storage units-
I mounted the mackis units in a group of three , reversed the drawers and put knobs on them. I also mounted a shelf below for added stability, yet high enough t clear the small baseboard heater safely. I used wooden drawer knobs from home depot for the feet

The Cabinet is two more IVAR cabinets mounted with 1X4's- provides mom more storage


Well I guess I better upload a few more hacks.

Here is a coffee bar I made from what I believe was a flark bookcase. I needed a place to store my coffee and tea mugs, pots etc. I simply added doors and a sliding shelf (so I could access the coffee pot to pour water in it). Note the fancy drawer pulls on the upper doors

My Kitchen Center- is a wardrobe, don't know th name that I reconfigured to house appliances since I am the Appliance KING- I found that the interioir width was the same as GORM Shelves, so I installed them, put a small shelf I made from GORM extension posts and I have a great place for my gismos

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


BLogger keep me offline for a few days - seems they were worried about my blogsite spamming people and wanted to check me out. Apparentely all is cool now. As if I would spam you nice folks in blog land LOL. Anyway I have a few more hacks to show off and will do so when I get home from work tonight.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Just learned it is National Crafting Month LOL and I forgot to buy a card for anyone LOL. Here are some ideas on celebrating! I made these nifty vases using scraps from my remodel and one more green thing they use pop bottles too!

Easy to make, I just cut four pieces of my left over door moulding out of scrap pieces that are to small to use, nail them together with wire brads, then the pop bottles come in to set inside the vases to hold water!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


What a day yesterday- my birthday! My mom invited all my family to come over and look at the new addition I put on my house! WoW! I also thought a great oppurtunity to post some of my hacks:
First the Dry bar I promised- very simple hack- I just put two Billy shelves together with two Jarpen Shelves conected with "L" brackets

An old hack- I took a bookshelf- can't think of the name offhand and built it in to the wall- to show off my china and such.

two Rast bed tables I took and upholstered the tops- make up a nice coffee table

I made the DVD holders by taking three LERBERG dvd holders and connecting them. This set I renoved one of the Lerberg squares to clear the wall heater

Another view of both dvd units


Flower and Garden show

I went to this years NW FLOWER AND GARDEN SHOW which is held at the Washington State convention center. Got some great ideas for the yard.

I like this pergula to the left, think it would be an easy build and look great in my front yard

This gives a new notion to an outdoor kitchen- a stove outdoors!

What home garden wouldn't have chickens? Hens anyway- Seattle allows you to have 3- Burien doesn't allow them so I have been told