Tuesday, March 18, 2008


not the music group- my day has been a succesfull green day- 1- I went out and took car of the compster, adding stuff to it and strirring 2- I RE-USED a 5 gallon bucket at work today- Made a tool box out of it- the Seattle Times gave me a tool organiser for a bucket at the NW Garden and flower show- I look at it- it was sturdy enough for my tools- I found a five gallon bucket destined for the trash and now have a nifty tool bucket! 3- I went crazy recycling today. 4- I have been re-using containers instead of buying them (like ziploc containers) I also found a use for pill bottles- I have been using them to sort my small nails, and put those pesky little screwdriver bits in. They are so handy!

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