Sunday, March 30, 2008


Some friends and I were talking about our Macho trucks and then one of them said about my car- Well Your car isn't to manly. He was talking about my 1995 Suzuki Swift, which gets about 38 combined mpg. And it got me to thinking about status. I bought the Swift in '95, as it had one of the best MPG ratings. This car is 13 years old, has never had a major malfunction, has performed greatly in all 13 years. In fact the only wrong with the car was the Headliner came unattached so i removed it and bought a new headliner kit, which due to our rainy Seattle winters, I have not yet installed. This car has driven three people on a 3200 mile round trip to phoenix and back cheaper than flying Southwest. It has performed in snowy weather like a top, and of course performs in rainy conditions (the norm around here)greatly, too. So - I say lets all change our attitudes about our cars. The new scale should be MPG Rating, dependability,style and price. What the trick is is to let Detroit know this is what we want. I think maybe folks need to park their SUV's and start driving more fuel efficient cars. And until I can afford to get an EV I will drive the swift. And it is great fun to go the gas station and fill up for $20!

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