Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My IKEA LILLBERG love seat isn't exactly a hack; I found the frame at the Ikea AS IS section of IKEA Seattle for $75. Then I purchased two Froarp seatcovers for the lillberg from the storefor $40. I went home, cut up some old foam rubber seat cushions with my handy electric carving knife (the best thing to use when cutting foam rubber) to the right size, stuffed the seat cushion covers and VOILA a new Lillberg Love seat for $115. Sammy the Cat loves it!


Dianne Young Erwin said...

hi. I am about to buy those Lillberg cushions and can't find the dimensions of the cushions anywhere on ikea's site... I am covering existing cushions I already have....

Is there any way you could provide me with the measurents of the cushions.... Great job on the couch by the way....

tee said...

Lillberg Loveseat Cushion Measurements:
(all measurements are in centimeters)

Top pillow (for one pillow)

62×48 (x2)

62×9 (x2) (zipper side)

62×14 (x1)(opposite zipper side)

48×14 (x2)

Bottom (seating) pillow (for one pillow)

72×62 (x2)

72×9 (x2) (zipper side)

72×14 (x1) (opposite zipper side)

62×14 (x2)

Notes: these measures will create some tight fitting pillow covers. If you need looser ones add one or two centimeters. I used 2,5 cm seam allowances. It is wise to first cut an old bedsheet and test your techique and measurements on it. Actually, it’s not just wise, it’s obligatory.