Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuffy saga carries on

I talked to the vetrinarian on Friday- They want orange cat to come in for a Ultra sound on his tummy and heart. My mom of course said that would be enough for her to put tuff down- but not for me. The vet said that if they don't find anything Tuff could be treated with medication but what he doesn't know. He was talking biopsies and all sorts of stuff. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
In my last post I said I have a menagerie of unwanted animals. I guess i should explain that. My yorkie Binkey came from the local Yorkshire terrier rescue. He was there because his former owner had no time for him. My pug was from a gal at work who'd decided her family had lost interest in him. The Chocolate Lab was my roommate martin's mothers former seeing eye dog- she was fired, not a good seeing eye dog-she liked to go off and chase things like squirrels and other dogs- not good when you are working. My cats- Sammy found me the first Christmas I lived here - my neighbor and I figure the family down the street just left him when they moved- he had been feeding him for about a week when this little fluffy black kitty came up to me and Meowed and rubbed my legs and was purring like a demon... and Tuff, well originally I adopted him for my mom's neighbor lady on the proposal that if and when she passed on I would make sure Tuff had a home. She did and I kept my word. that is the short story of how I got my current animals. regular zoo going on here.
So that is how come I said unwanted animals. I urge anyone out there looking for a pet to adopt an unwanted pet from a shelter or rescue society. You will get lots of love in a great package!

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