Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free Cat????

OK. I have a menagerie of unwanted animals. I am just a sucker! Orange cat, TUFFY, went to the vet today because he has diarrhea and daily vomiting fits. I figured it was due to low self esteem because of all the commercials for cat food for cats that are too fat, and he felt big. Hell he is big...until this bulimia thing started. He has lost about half of his body weight.
Sooooooo I take him to the vet. Now remember, this is the man who one day saw my pug, who IS fat, and said that is normal for a pug to get big after neutering, then the next visit read me the riot act for letting my dog look like a bratwurst- the kind filled with cheese. Also this is the vet hospital that extracted all off my yorkies teeth and annually sends me a reminder that Binky is due for hie oral exam!
Back to the orange cat- turns out he has an enlarged heart (x-rays) but that is not the problem. At least the vet doesn't think it is. We won't know more until all the lab tests come back. I always knew tuffy had a big heart- he is such a lover boy. And free he ain't- cost me $430. Small price to pay for a perpetual purr machine

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