Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real or Fake???

Real or Fake? Cut down one of Natures gifts or Risk PVC Off gassing? After a few years of reading blogs, I still don’t think there is a clear distinct answer on what kind of holiday tree is better- Fake or Real. I personally like my fake trees, they get re-used over and over again. But here are some alternatives that may make me change my mind, and a few alternatives that may make me make a tree next year:

Real Alternatives- Use a potted plant or tree and put the lights and decorations on it

The Cardboard Christmas Tree- made out of cardboard (Kraft Paper) it is reuseable and since you paint the tree and ornament yourself no one will have one just like it. Ranging in sizes from table top to 1 foot to 3 feet a steal at $19.95 for the 3 foot model. I am thinking a person could craft one out of cardboard at home. Also via Fake plastic Fish, Cascades Boutique has cardboard trees. A bit more money, but they are a bit more ornate

Sometimes the best tree is one you make your self! Not just a tree made of Mountain Dew bottles either--- This elegant alternative Christmas tree in Bermondsey Square, London is made out of 35 wheels from old bikes. Might give me something to do with all those old hubcaps I keep grabbing from the side of the road!

If I had the talent and patience for wood working I would definitely make one of these trees from reclaimed wood!

This tree from Crate and Barrel allows you to fill it’s branches with your ornaments

Last year I got into the fray with my CD TREE


mudnessa said...

I like the Crate and Barrel tree a lot. It reminds me of the cute little tree Laura Linney had in Love Actually, I've always wanted something like that.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The rosemary tree is a great idea. Mine would look a little Charlie Brown-ish :)

Simply Green said...

I have a fake tree, but it wasn't mine I ended up aquiring it along with my significant other when we moved in together. Until it falls apart, I'm not too worried. Some of those alternatives are quite eye-catching though!

Condo Blues said...

I think the real vs. fake tree thing is a hefty dose of preference since there are both good and bad with either option.

I saw the metal ornament trees at Crate & Barrel before I read your post. Great minds think alike?

Lisa Sharp said...

I have a fake tree and will always have a fake tree. I hate the PVC and wash my hands like crazy when I'm down putting it up and vacuum around it A LOT. I wish I could have a real tree but I'm allergic to all evergreens. My parents found this out when they noticed I was sick every year around Christmas.

I do however have a small cardboard tree like you posted as well. I love it, my husband used white milk paint to paint it and I crocheted some garland for it out of recycled yarn.