Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update

Well the cooler weather is moving in and so my sunflowers have decided to make a debut- Good thing cause they will be good food for the birds in the upcoming months. Also The garlic scapes are making their debut as well in their Earthtainer that I made from two 5 gallon buckets

Sunflowers and garlic scapes
make a debut!

Onto the challenges:

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 16
Plant something: A few Kale seeds in pots.
Prep something: Froze peppers and onions; Froze tomatoes(I didn’t know you could freeze them but found this info from the U of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension Service)
Harvest something: A few peas, carrots, tomatoes, fall green beans are getting ready as are the pumpkins!
Manage something: Changed the bedding in the worm bin- Noticed I have worm babies! Made a couple of Mason Bee Houses, Finished in the Guest room/office, Cleaned freezer out and stocked it with game hens that I purchased at Grocery Outlet for a great price
Cook Something New: Note- I am really stretching it on this one- was reviewing Chile’s blog and her Quick and easy recipes and found the “Naner and Bread” in the “Quick Snacks” section so I made a couple of those (My blood sugar dropped suddenly, and I needed a quick snack) But I am counting it as I have never made these before.
Work on Local Food Systems: Attended a Sustainable Burien meeting
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Shredded newspaper to use as bedding for worm bed. Put old worm bed bedding in regular compost. Put pepper plants in compost bin. Trimmed the plum tree and put the leaves and clippings and old zuke and cuke plants in yardwaste bin, repaired lamp that I dumpster dived for; Reused an old lamp and some bottles making booze bottle lamps for Christmas, re-used a booze bottle and made an oil lamp
Learn a skill: Learned how to cut holes in glass- not a real skill, but one I will use again in making more lamps and some other crafty items– helps re-use a bottle! Learned how to make oil lamps from the booze bottles as well

I did buy my lamp parts- but I went to IKEA and got one shade for $1 at the as is bin; (should count the same as buying used), Bought some river pebbles for the same project; bought a shopping bag at the grocery today which is okay- I needed another shopping bag

Insulated the window in my bathroom, This is the only single pane window in the house and will be replaced hopefully next year- trying to figure out why the worlds smallest bathroom has such a huge window (it is on the north side of the house)

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALLENGE Did okay this week- remembered my coffee mug and kleen kanteen every day! No plastic bags- I did forget my non-disposable bag today when I went grocery shopping, but bought a new one, which was okay as I needed another bag


Verde said...

Ya, you a ready fellow. Nice that you can grow a little year-round. We should have had a killing frost by now but it's been holding off.

Robj98168 said...

I don't mean to give the impression we grow year around here- I am trying fal and winter gardening practices- covers, perhaps building a solarium structure.