Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mske Do and Mend Challenge Check In #1

Make Do and Mend Challenge: How did everybody do this week? For me, I started repairing the siding that the roofers damaged during the addition by putting up sheathing, covering with roofers felt, then covering with shingles to match the addition; And I put a new handle on Grandma’s spade- I reused the handle from another spade that I saved; and saved old handle for a fencing project I saw once and want to reproduce; Made a closet pole out of an old broom handle- replaces the one that was either broken or sawed up.
How did everyone else do this week?


Judy T said...

Kind of a slow week for me since I worked 6 days straight at the day job. But I did make time to sew several buttons back on pants for the boys and fix a ripped seam on another pair, My guy, V, managed to fix my daughter's computer (AGAIN!!!). I need to get a bucket of water to soak the market basket I made a few years ago so I can repair the handle before it completely breaks. J

Connie said...

I have the collandar I blogged about, and working on the quilt that went wrong last year - darn but it is tempting to toss it aside and start on a new project. But now it's read to go again.

I've picked downed apples and made applebutter.
I've reused a do-hicky from something packaged to dry washed plastic bags on in the window seal.

I've reused candle stubs from church in votive candle holders.

Now I'm cleaning for an important visitor whom I have to graciously host.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Well, Let's see....This was a slow week here but Hubby repaired the handle on the metal rake. All the leaves have fallen. We used an old egg carton as a palette for painting some pumpkins. The teenager is using the remains of an old chicken coop to use on the interior of the new chicken coop. An old dresser drawer is going to be the new nesting box in the coop.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Oh I forgo! We used a rubber band from the rubber band jar to band the goat for the second time. He was too manly to use the bands that the banding apparatus came with.

Robj98168 said...

Full freezer- wow! fantadtick- jeans and a computer! luckey kids!

Verde- great job on the collander and quilt- Temptation to toss aside and start another project is why I have so many projects going on. That and A.D.D.!

Fleecenik- congrats to your teenager on using the old coop to make a new coop! And might I say, poor billy goat and owwie!

Chile said...

Not me, but my sweetie used parts from several broken flashlights to put together one that works...kinda. We picked up a sad-looking ancient Coleman lantern from a yard sale that just needed cleaning. There's no way to get around needing to buy a new globe and mantel for it, though. I brought home sturdy boxes from the CSA rather than recycling them. So no actual repairs but a lot of re-use.

ib mommy said...

I've been too busy to break anything this week! Sorry for not checking in on Sunday:)

Does it count if I reused a bunch of stuff from last Halloween to make new stuff for this Halloween?