Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Actually talking to my neighbors

My Neighborhood
(The "A" is on my garage)

Today I learned a lesson in "Building Community" - I talked to one set of my neighbors- Their dog, Picadilly got out of their fence and came to visit Topaz, the Chocolate Lab at our house affectionately known as "Spaz" or "Stu" (short for stupid). Well after about 20 minutes of Picky energizing with all that Jack Russel enthusiasm, it was time to pick her up and take her home. There her family was working in the back yard amongst some tomatoes that I immediately became enamored of. So we got to talking about the neighbors, the trees in the neighborhood, their garden, my garden and septic tanks(they had to replace theirs a couple of years back).
So in short, I thought about all the things Melinda says about building Community, and I thought to myself- Hmmm community building starts with saying hi to your neighbors! So maybe we should all be less shy and start saying HI! to our neighbors.
When I lived in the mobile home park, oh 10 years ago- it was fairly easy- your neighbors where there, like it or not, and we were a close knit community- but in 10 years here, I don't think I could give you any names of my neighbors. That is sad on my part. So here is to seeing my neighbors and actually conversing with them!


Burbanmom said...

yeah that's a big one and I must confess, I SUCK at it. I don't know why, with my big mouth, I'm so intimidated to knock on a door and say "hi! I'm your spazzy neighbor with two kids, a dog and a compost pile!" but I am.

You have inspired me though. I have a ton of "food money" I have to use up at my CSA this month before the farm market ends. Maybe I'll get lots of extras and use them to pass out to my neighbors. I mean, who doesn't love a good squash, right?

ib mommy said...

hanging head in shame...... i got new neighbors in august and i haven't been down to meet them yet:( i can't make myself go down there without something freshly baked and yummy so i've been putting it off

my next door neighbor doesn't talk to me any more.... one night she and a few friends were in her hot tub at about 2 am being quite loud. the oldest had the SAT the next day so i went running out of the house with a big flashlight screaming incoherently SAT's SAT's turn the music down! here's your visual..... danger, will robinson, danger

Anonymous said...

: ) It's even more difficult here in a dense area of apartment buildings, but I'm working at it! Burbanmom, LOL - I don't know many people who are good at it... it's a lot tougher than it used to be! But we can do it! Great idea, too - love it.

Robj98168 said...

LOL Bourban mom- My neighbors know I am the spazzy one around here- I don't keep my compost or my worm bins a secret

IB Mommy- Stop _ I am getting a visual here

Melinda- It is harder when the walls keep you from knowing your neighbors- my mom's complaint about her apartment is she never gets to know the neighbors. They move out before she gets to know them!