Friday, October 10, 2008

Rocket Man

Okay- I couldn't hold out- I built a Rocket Stove out of an old Popcorn Tin, some stove pipe and some other things hanging around the house
get a hot fire going using only twigs and some end pieces of cedar shingles from the addition project
The burn box-note the resembulance to the original bat mobile from the tv series? totally unintentional.

The stove out on it's test drive. I decided to see how long it takes to boil 2 cups of water.
Success- the whistle started to blow in about 15 minutes! I see a few improvements to make but I would say it was a success. Next I will try a meal on the rocket stove but first need to find a griddle- wait I have some from the George Foreman! or best to check the thrift shops! Or Could use my cast iron skillet!
I am told you can make a rocket stove out of a large tin, like those shitty popcorn tins everyone seems to think I need at Christmas (like in this case), and instead of stove pipe, you can use tin cans for the chimney and a coffee can for the burn box. Or there is a version made from a coffee can and two tin cans for the burn box. Now I have a use for all those twigs and scrap wood from around the yard and house!


ib mommy said...

very cool.... i have not seen this version before! i need to go get a popcorn tin and make a video for you:)

MeadowLark said...

Neat idea!! Thanks.

Wendy said...

That looks awesome.

I've been showing different rocket stove designs to my husband, and he's decided he's going to use our old woodstove (we're replacing it with a more efficient model ... I know - goes against your "repair" challenge :) as a "rocket stove", specifically to be used for boiling maple syrup in the spring ;).