Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here is how I did on the current challenges I am involved in:

Preserved:Dehydrated walla walla sweet onions, dehydrated summer squashfor soups. Made beef Jerky!

Storing: Stored the onions and squash for later. Ate most of the beefjerky!

Prepped:Dehydrated walla walla sweet onions, dehydrated summer squashfor soups. Learned that the dehydrater wants thinly slicedveggies, so got out the mandolin slicer. Worked like a charm!

Harvested something:Harvested some pansy petals to put in a salad! Ijust figured out that edibleflowers should count too

Managed:Cleaned out pantry

Cook Something New:Cooked for the first time, morning star farms soybacon-found out that if you cook it on a plate in the microwafe, use some wax or parchment paper underneath it as it sticks to the plate- of course works out if you want crumbly bacon bits to put on a salad!

Work on Local Food Systems: Found a local bakery

Compost something: did the chickster's pee party and pissed on mycompost pile, put some old bread in my worm bin- nothing is too goodfor my babies!

Learned a skill: Learned how to Dehydrate veggies and fruits! Learnedhow to make Beef Jerky! Oboy oberto! or rather Oh Boy Roberto-98168!

CHILE'S PEAK OIL WORLD CHALLENGE: No restaurants or take out this week! No bratwurst at the farmers market! And I made pizza... the Danish Bakery sells pizza dough so I just formed it out,and then added turkey pepperoni, cheese, and sauce and baked!

THE CHICKADEE'S GOLDEN SHOWERS GARDEN PARTY- Filled my watering can 3times with the 10% solution and fertilized my tomatos, peppers, pansies,huckleberrys and my herbs. Went up to the compost pile and gave it afull strength treatment. Peeing outdoors is so wonderful. My dogs did look at me strangely though (Jealousy)

CHRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS' The Five-Minute Shower Challenge :Still five minutes- combined with the Chickster's peepee challenge- very little flushing going on here!

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Chile said...

Wow, so you really can feed yourself. Way to go!

ROFL: my verification word is "icust"....seems appropriate with your George Carlin tribute. He certainly cust, er, cussed a lot.