Friday, June 6, 2008

Giving Planet Green a shot

Okay I will be the first to admit. Planet Green is not that bad. I have to say, In the few hours I have watched the advertisers didn't deluge me with the get green machine yours for $29.99. I must take a raised eyebrow to the borage of Jenny Craig Nutra System commercials I have seen on there. Those companys are not exactly what I would call green- I agree losing weight would be a green concept but all that pre- packaged food on their little black plastic microwaveable trays is not a green concept, not to mention the miles it takes to deliver it. And of course Billy
doesn't shut up about Kaboom! the miracle cleaner or OXY MORON, OXY CLEAN or whatever it is, hey billy- try VINEGAR! Ever heard of it? I did see one advert that caught my attention for a rechargeble electric lawnmower That seemed rather tame.The shows are pretty good- the ones I have seen. But where are the Begleys? I was told there would be Begleys. And Bill Nye. And while Chicky thinks I should be the Dirk Diggler of planet green, I will be the first to admit I was entertained by planet green! The shows were pretty good. I don't get the premise behind Wasted- I mean I understand it- take an enviormentally challenged family, green them up and show how much their carbon footprint reduced and pay them for the changes they make for a 2 week period, but what keeps the folks from changing back to their bad ways as soon as the cameras leave? Wouldn't be better to find a green family and pay them for being green already? And Steve Thomas from This Old HOuse fame shows up with Renovation Nation, which features green building practices. I have to say I like this version of Thomas. I always thought he was such a helpless dork on Old House. That is all I had time to watch. Not as bad as I feared~

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Verde said...

Bill Nye, Bill Nye? Where? My daughter watched his show everyday when she was about 4 or 5 and absorbed everything. She would say she was going to be [her name] science-wooman!

Damn if she isn't still working on that at 17 years old, getting her associates degree with her highschool deploma, and AP classes - doesn't drive, can't cook but can help you out with chemestry or calculus.

OK, remember there are some of us that don't get that stuff and you have to be our eyes and ears. (It's either internet or cable TV around here).