Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Getting ready for crunchy's golden shower garden party

Chile's Peak Oil Addiction Challenge- No restaurants or take out-I was doing Pretty good...even went to the farmers market and didn't have my usual wurst then came Saturday... We ordered a pizza as I spent all day painting trim, doing yard work. But I am back on the horse this week. Just that falling off horses sucks.

Domestic Crunchy Goddess' 5 minute Shower Challenge- Very good- still under 5 minutes every day. Started catching the warm up water in a bucket every shower- saves 2 1/2 gallons everytime for plant watering or flushing my toilet!

and now for something new, I joined

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge: here is the challenge- (I decided to try at least one thing per week) :
Planting- plant something everyweek
Preserving- something different every week
Storing- storing a different supply every week
Prepping- preparing something new every week
Managing- managing (organising) something every week
Cook something new- cook something new every week
Work on local food systems
Compost something
Learn a new skill
The idea is to help educate ourselves toward more self suffiency-
here is how I did this week-
PLANTING- planted the huckleberrie bushes I bought at the famers market
Preserving: Got out the dehydrator I got as a gift years ago, cleaned it up
Storing:See preserving
Learn a new skill: Am going to learn to dehydrate fruits and veggies
Cook comething new: Cooked Game hens following the directions (a new concept in my kitchen!). These would be good to buy and freeze. Can get them relatively cheaply at grocery outlet.
Compost something- added stuff to both my worm bin and my compost bin
Work on local food system- Unavailable at this time
I am surprised how much I did this week!

Stuff Coming Up:
GREEN BEAN DREAMS STILL A BOOKWORM CHALLENGE: Just finished the "Green Book", plan to have my review later this week.

CRUNCHY'S GOLDEN SHOWERS GARDEN PARTY am saving my pee for Saturday and will fertilize everything, once in awhile I go up to the compost pile and pee there too. I should get my neighbors kid to help- I was painting the trim on the house, looked out the corner of my eye and there he was, not a care in the world peeing to his hearts content on his mom's flower bed! Later I spyed him in the back yard watering their lawn. Nice to see them start out so young


Verde said...

Rob, welcome to the independence days challenge!

I just got to ask what in the world are you doing with that jeep???

Robj98168 said...

Verde- it is a michigan jeep.... PISS ON MICHIGAN LOL LOL

Robj98168 said...

and may I add GO HUSKIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I might have to check out some of your links.

Chile said...

Ack! Tell that kid to go pee on the grass. We don't want any more asphalt to grow!