Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Gots bedonya comrade! We are experiencing cooler than normal weather. It is the middle of June and we have had snow on the mountain passes. The bright side - the A/C has been off since memorial day, and the heater kicked on this morning (I shut it off). I can never remember having to have a jacket in June. Doesn't seem to be bothering any plants or gardens, seems to hasten my plums from ripening, but really I want some summer heat! Could be worse. Back east is experiencing heat waves! Maybe i need to join the polar bear swim club. Just be thankful I am not a bunny- Ms. Chicken has her fangs sharpening! Interesting post on her blog today. Vegans beware of the topic- "Crunchy Plans to see if Thumper has a flavor"I wish I knew how she comes up with these topics. I wish i knew what goes on in her head- Maybe I should be wishing I don't!

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