Friday, October 30, 2009

New bag? Nooooooo!

When I bought my new laptop a year or so ago, I was given the option of a new bag for the lap top. I thought I should get a new bag, but then started thinking about the old bag I had with the old lap top. Why buy a new bag? The one I had with the old laptop served me well - It was a near freebie I found ( cost $1) when I bought my laptop at Boeing Surplus- It is a bit clunky, but then so am I. Then I started to think about all the bags I see go into the dumpster and the surplus bins at work. I often grab one to hold tools and such. So I clicked the No button on the order screen. Not only did I not need a new bag, I wanted to keep my old one. It has tons of pockets and compartments in it to put stuff. It holds lunch, books what have you. So when buying a new laptop I suggest you keep your old bag from your old one, then recycle your old laptop. Here in Seattle we have a store callled Re-PC that takes old computers and laptops and periphials, go through them with a fine tooth comb, recondition them and then sells them. I have seen countless laptop bags at thrift stores and such. So it made no sense to buy a new one. The old one has served me well over he years.

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