Sunday, October 11, 2009

Greenhouses and Christmas Gifts- the Weekly Challenge Update

Week was pretty busy- starting a greenhouse, my Idea of using a very large plastic bag for the roof went hopelessly awry, got an idea from a gardening book for another "greenhouse", and working on Christmas gifts (buy Hand challenge)
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 23

1. Plant something: Started some basil, chives and parsley seeds indoors for a windowsill herb garden
2. Harvest something: Thai Peppers, Kohl Rabi, Corn Salad Greens, Mesclun Greens, Chard, and Lettuce;From the Community Garden: Basil, Tomatoes, beets; Swiss chard
3. Preserve something: Processed and froze pumpkins, Roasted and stored pumpkin seeds;
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): Repaired my favorite winter Jacket for work- sewed new buttons, repaired tear in sleeves
5. Preparation and Storage: Found out my Big plastic bag for the greenhouse isn’t big enough, going to use 10 foot wide plastic sheeting- but will keep large bag for another winter gardening project already in my mind.
6. Build Community Food Systems: Did my volunteer day at the community garden; took harvested veggies to the food bank
7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Pumpkin seeds, ate Swiss Chard, Corn Salad greens, Mesclun greens and Lettuce in a salad;

Melinda’s Growing Challenge: Saved some gourd seeds and saved some pumpkin seeds that I did not roast

Meat Free Mondays: Breakfast muffin and coffee, Lunch- TVP Chik’n patties, potato salad, orange, Lunch at work- Cheese and Rye Crackers, dinner Almond Butter and Banana stuffed pita French toast

Ditch The Disposables -Still going strong. Guy at work notice I used my fancy hankie made out of a T-shirt- told him they are the best snot rags! One problem I had this week- Even though not a part of my personal DTD challenge-I forgot my shopping bags at the Farmers Market- so used the plastic produce bags- one vendor was reusing old plastic shopping bags Since I was buying gourds and a few pumpkins, I told him the small sugar pumpkin would fit in with the gourds, saving a bag- all the bags will be reused or recycled. Another problem I had this week was I ate at a teriyaki place, while the food on my plate was an actual plate- they only offered plastic cutlery or chopsticks- not having brought my own I opted for chopsticks- while not plastic, they are made from bamboo, I took them home with me as chopsticks have 101 uses. Julia Child and I beat our omelets with them.

Charging Cradle for the buy hand challenge

Clock for the Buy Hand Challenge

Buy Hand challenge: Made a clock- actually, I changed the face of one for my friends at the coffee shop; making same for my uncle(did not buy a new clock for it- using one I already had), and one for martin(an alarm clock bought from the as-is at Ikea). Made charging cradles for I-phones and blackberries.

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