Monday, October 5, 2009

Rave: Boy Scout Popcorn

About a year ago I ranted about schools sending kids out to sell crap. Well this year, I am raving about the boy scouts. Has Rob softened in his old age?


I have a different opinion between schools selling crap because (in this levy state) we don't give the schools enough money to fund arts and sports programs. But the Boy Scouts (and Girl Scouts) are a different matter- they are a private organization who do some good in the world. While not a big fan of the Boy Scouts of America per say ( I think they are a fascist group, who discriminate with the blessing of the Supreme Court) I do admire the boys that go through it.

I Digress-

I was coming out of Lowe's today, and here is this little guy, who stopped me and asked if I would like to buy some Boy Scout Popcorn. Before I could say no, This little salesman went in to his selling spiel- and Ron Popeil and Billy Mays would have been proud of this little tyke- the kid even had samples of the chocolate covered caramel corn! Needless to say I bought a box of Microwave popcorn- The popcorn will go into the movie bags for Christmas- and the Boy Scouts of America get $10.50 of the $15 I spent. Not in the spirit of the Buy Hand challenge, but hey a Two-fer is a Two-fer! And I am putting the bags together, myself. (There is a justification for ya)
Anyway, I am glad part of my Christmas goes to support charities, while giving to others, some of who wouldn't spend a nickle to give to any charitable organization. Hee Hee.

It's like peeing in your pants in a dark suit, Kinda gives you a warm feeling, and nobody really notices!

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