Saturday, October 17, 2009

Working Dog

So inspired was I from the chapter in Jenna Woginrich's book "Made from Scratch", on the chapter on Working dogs, I thought here is something I should take action on. So did I go out and get a malamute or some huskies to drag my fat ass on a sled? Nope. I talked it over with Romeo, the wonder dog, and he agreed to try a dog pack for awhile (He had little choice in the matter- I talked he looked at me). I bought my (or rather Romi's) dog pack at REI on the suggestion from the owner of one of Romi's friends last Thursday at the last Farmers' Market of the season. His dog is a little West Highland Terrier and sports a "Ruffwear" pack, (very pricey) he suggested REI. Since I have a membership at REI and a 20% off coupon I thought why not- The pack is big enough to carry Romeo's water bottle and bowl, and maybe lunch when we walk to the park. It does take some getting use to for Romi to walk around with it (his girth expands by 2 inches on each side). Romi had a good time getting it too- I took him inside the REI store, where of course he put on the dog (pardon the pun) By acting like a well behave totally trained dog, except when he was begging for pets, which is most of the time. As far as work, he can help carry home some groceries in it, albeit not much. Fun having a working dog!

Sammy cat already has a job- he is the chief mouser and de-ratter in the house. Romi also does Rat duty-outdoors, but he tends to want to play with the little buggers- they remind him of chihuahuas.


mudnessa said...

My friend has three dogs and they go hiking with her and her husband and carry their own food and water and some other supplies. The pictures are so cute. She has some boxer bruty type mutt and the other 2 are italian greyhound. Things like this make me wish I had a dog.

Allie said...

Aw! We have packs for our dogs too. They love carrying them. We've taken Argo backpacking and had him carry his own gear. Haven't done that with Stella, but when we first got her, I walked her with a backpack full of canned beans - it helped tire her out faster and boy did she need it!