Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More news on re-cycling cell phones

Sure when I think about changing cell phones and where to re-cycle them, comes this post on about a new way to recycle your phone- just like going to the cash machine! Soon these eco ATM's will be popping up all over and the machines will soon be able to accept other gadgets like MP3 players, cameras and laptops. The advantage to doing this is you get a coupon for money off on your new phone, you know it is going to be recycled, and for the retailer the ecoATM company makes it beneficial to the retailers by installing the machines at no cost and making the payments redeemable in-store, increasing their sales. It also allows them to apply donations from the machine to their favorite charity.
So maybe I will wait until getting my new phone-

Do you think this is a good idea to get folks to recycle electronics?

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junkrescuerbeth said...

I think this is a darn great idea because it sounds easy to do. I have a small bag of our old cell phones, and even my sons' pagers from their college days, out in the garage. I'm glad Washington state will be getting these eco-ATMs sooner versus later.

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