Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Review: Incredible Vegetables from Self watering Containers and Ed Begley giveaway winner!

Incredible Vegetables from Self Watering Containers By Edward C. Smith
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Fall is here… now I will start spending my evenings reading gardening books. Happens every year. I came across this book from my library. What I expected was a book on how to make self watering planters. While it does cover that in no great detail, it is a great book on container gardening. Very precise instructions on how to grow container gardens. Especially nice is Ed’s details on a wide variety of plants. He lets you know the right size of pot, How many of each variety to grow in the pot, What pests to watch for, and how to eat what you grow. I am sure there are glitzier books on container gardening, but I have found none that give such good instruction.
I am putting this on my Christmas list this year!
And now the winner of Ed Begley's Guide To Sustainable Living (didn't have to wake Mr. Integer Generator) was the only person who apparently wanted the book- Veronica! Congratulations! Remember to send me your snail mail info to:

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