Sunday, January 3, 2010

Foraging my goals

Well y'all ready know that I did not meet my Home Improvement goals, but what about my garden goals? What do I want to learn for 2010? Well... I would like to learn how to grow my own tea- chamomile, in particular. So I am doing study mode. In chamomile. It seems doable. Of course all the seed and plant suppliers just say is "The Flowers make wonderful teas" Like that is an instant growth message. Take it from someone who can't grow broccoli, Getting a chamomile Plant to flower ain't going to be easy. I just have no confidence. Of course I could make Dandelion Tea, but since it works as a laxative, maybe not. I already have enough shit in my life.

I do have an affinity for chamomile tea. It relaxes me. Makes me calm. Just like I drink Mint Tea when my stomach has an ache, I drink chamomile when I get stressed. Also I want to get into this lemon verbena thing everyone else knows about. I already have a lemonade recipe using lemon verbena as an ingredient.

And Thirdly I want to learn about foraging. I would like to be able to identify Lamb's Quarters, and eat them without poisoning myself. I think I have some growing around the deck, but am not sure. I need foraging lessons!

So that is my goal list for 2010 in the garden!
As Far as foraging, I already pick dandelions, and blackberries. But that is about as far as I go.
UPDATE: I ordered seeds for Lamb's Quarters as well as chamomile and threw in some amaranth from Seeds Of Change...By growing the lambs quarters, I can then ID the plant! And don't laugh- I know I ordered weed seeds- Worked for Borage!


Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Another blogger I read has a great online resource for identifying wild plants including lambs quarters

fearlesschef said...

I planted chamomile 2 years ago, ignored it and abused it really and the last time I saw it, it was still growing vigorously. So broccoli scandal or no, I have faith that the tea herbs will be kind to you. By the way, the lemon verbena is phenomenal... I don't know why I didn't hear of this before, but wow is it wonderful!