Thursday, January 7, 2010

Curry Carrot And Apple Soup

I was perusing the AARP online Magazine (OK I was looking for membership for my ancient yet firm ass) And I came across this recipe for Curried Carrot And Apple Soup. Willing to try most anything once I knew I had all the ingredients. But alas, did not have celery. So I went out and cut a couple of stalks of Swiss Chard and used chard stalks instead. The only other thing I did different was the recipe tells you to put some of the veggies into a food processor. Well mine was in the dishwasher so I just used a potato masher, it did fine. I skipped the yogurt part as well. The carrots and curry combo are very sweet with an Indian taste. (Must be time for some Vindaloo) The apples add a bit of Twang. Really nice recipe. Cheap, Hearty and filling. Wish I had it a couple of months ago when I was up t o my ears in carrots. Oh yeah- I didn't have Mackintosh apples so I used Gala instead. And you can see by the chipped Dallas Ware Mel Mac bowl I don't throw anything out (My mom had those bowls for years- they are my fave soup and cereal bowls)

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