Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspiration from the Internets

Well I have wanted to write a blog post about some of the inspirational places I go for ideas about junking and re-use in general.So here is a few of the great blogs I have visit. Some of them I have added to my blogroll, and some are great for a visit!

OUT OF OFFICE This is apparently a blog from Fed Ex, and yes it promotes their products and services. But it also gives a person great ideas and such for creative items. Written by Fed Ex employees. Crafts technically isn't a blog, but this Sherri Osborn is not technically Ozzie's wife. She does write a blog about crafting. I find a lot of great ideas there for gift making, using junk to make stuff, and releasing my inner-child.
Junk Market Style is another great place to find inspiration. People all over the country share Items they make from junk. Written by Sue Whitney, She has been featured on NBC's Today show and many others and is creator of JUNK MARKET STYLE magazine and many other "junk publications".
One more place I go to for inspiration is Beth and Lisa's Salvage Studio blog. You didn't think the idea of using brass lamps to make birdbaths just popped into my head, did you? It is these gals idea. They also wrote a book, the Salvage Studio and give workshops on junking and crafting. You can hear Beth talk about outdoor entertaining Salvage Style at this years Northwest Flower and Garden Show! (More about the show tomorrow).

So there you have it. A few of the places on the "interweb" that I go to for inspiration. Along with all your blogs! Were do you go for inspiration?


Beth E-R said...

Thanks a big, big bunch for the nice mention in your post! I have to say I have found oodles of great ideas on your blog as well.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Robj98168 said...

Yes beth, but I am just a rank amateur, not a seasoned pro like you and Lisa